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You Don't Wanna Leave

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An evil wizard makes off with a car stereo late at night, driving a suburban knight to run away from his family in order to recover it. The official music video for Mike Mangione's song of the same name.

The quality always takes a bit of a hit under compression, so as always a higher res version is available on my newly redesigned site:
http://www.barfquestion.c om
http://www.mikemangione.c om

©2008 Grey Gerling. All Rights Reserved.

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why did he have two pairs of legs that is why you have 4 instead of 5

lol adventure time intro


That was really good! It also, for some reason I probably won't ever understand, made me want to draw more than I have in a long time.


It seems silly to say this, but this video really was touching and emotional. There is just something about how all you hear is the music and interpret what is going through the characters minds yourself that makes it so much better, i really like this style of video. (i also really liked how you added in the whole scene with the knight looking at his locket, very emotional.)


so wonderfully wonderful, One thing which wasn't so "touching" was the fact that it was all for a radio, but the hole thing was pretty good.