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This movie took about two weeks start to finish, mostly cause I worked on it almost every day and had a lot of fun doing it. It's mostly just fun animation and what, but there're also some interesting ideas here. All these little animals are feeding off each other and living on and in each other, and even though they're strange and disturbing, they're also human in a way. Enjoy this parade of oddness.

Watch the whole thing, plz.

This movie has become more popular than I ever thought it would be :3

EDIT - updated and fixed some of the static and things that weren't lined up right. it looks better now,

Animated by Ansel
Music - The Unf Song by Zekeyspaceylizard


Decent work

I always appreciate artists who are able to get their message across with little to no dialogue. The fear in this piece is there and you do a great job of illustrating the barrier between the two worlds. Good job.


It really gets the mind going. you must be pretty creative to think of such a nightmarish glimpse. i would definitly love to see more of this type of work


I guess im the only person that doesn't understand it... BUT great flash, it was different and weird and stuff.
Though if anyone wants to explain it, yaaa, it'd be appreciated!

Ansel responds:

I don't understand it either. No one does, cause there's nothing to get

I really didn't try to make it hard to "understand" :/

Eye opening.

Wow, this piece made me think differently about life. Theres just so much more to it than meets the eye.

It was trippy, definitly something one must NOT watch while high on weed. The music was....out of this world!

All in all, it goes to show you one can have a good flash with no dialouge at all!

Very good

This movie is a very very good depiction of life. I will start with the vibrant colors of the fish first. I saw that this represents the surface of what people depict on the outside, but down below there is alot of emotions in ourselves and the basic instincts come out and we thrive on the dog eat dog world.

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4.30 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2008
9:55 PM EDT