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EF:Defense Editor

rated 3.03 / 5 stars
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Apr 3, 2008 | 12:39 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Here is Map Editor for Elite Forces:Defense, /portal/view/426370
you dont need original game to play your maps, just use 'Tester' or press 'Try' to try right now your map. If you have any your own backgrounds to use - send them to me, and any maps that you like to build.

If you need somethings in editor - plz pm/review about it, i`ll add it right now.

It`s very tricky to build external map editor for TD game, any ideas about what you need more - always welcome.

Game is enourmos big - 800*640 press F11 to use it in fullscreen.

Sorry about bug with redirect to - just fixed it =(
PS bugs happens =(



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


if u dont add anything and press clear map and click test backround starts to change really fast and u cant exit it...


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Everytime i click tester the same map appears and i dont know what the hell to do those intructions suck ass please help!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was fun!

It was neat making my own maps, i could put in as many or as few spawn points as liked.

By the way

<maps_test rules="" bg_id="1" name="Fort 2" comix="0" char_start_x="126" char_start_y="164"><map><tower_block val="538,47,47;540,196,28;397,102,29" /><point val="0,5,595;1,10,99;2,98,108;3,157,8 9;4,219,105;5,314,59;6,333,35;7,364,6 8;8,286,168;9,288,215;10,368,276;11,4 55,173" /><road val="0,1;1,2;2,3;3,4;4,5;5,6;6,7;7,8;
8,9;9,10;10,11" /><tip txt="route1" /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd val="boss" /><point val="20,5,596;21,591,592;22,591,238;2 3,549,262;24,510,315;25,450,319;26,36 8,276" /><road val="20,21;21,22;22,23;23,24;24,25;25 ,26" /><tip txt="route2" /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd val="boss" /><point val="30,8,595;31,151,214;32,368,276" /><road val="30,31;31,32" /><tip txt="route3" /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd val="boss" /><point val="40,5,596;41,457,482;42,368,276" /><road val="40,41;41,42" /><tip txt="route4" /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd /><wave_rnd val="boss" /></map></maps_test>


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I found a glitch with the editor!!!

Yes, a glitch! You see when you make a map, play it, clear it, and want to make another map, it wont let you use the second map...

this is still very hard, even if you make it as long as possible, mainly because of low cash at the start! ONLY $30.00? The first wave has like 20 enemies!

So what i'm saying is, add to the editor, an ability to set a starting amount of money.

Other than the glitch, and the money problem, it's a pretty fun game, especialy with the EVIL EYE.

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Badim responds:

tnx man, i`ll do it right now.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


I love to build maps for games! I'v never played this game so i dont know what to do; mabey a more extensive help guide or something? if this is the tower defense game on NG, it doesnt work for my comp, so sadly, :(, i cannot give you more info.

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Badim responds:

tnx man, i`ll add map-editor tutorial.
Just short tip - use BLUE pen to draw roads - then save and hit 'Test'.
If you like have fun - just build some spirals =) it`s funny to see how emenies goes around.