Don Quixote

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Don Quixote rides his horse towards the windmills. When the horse reaches the windmill the horse automatically stops. At the windmill, move the mouse to swing the spear around. Click the mouse to attack and kill the imaginary enemies with the spear. For more information about Don Quixote click the INTRO button.


I am sooooo deja-vu'ing to Oregon Trail [722.2]

Dude.... your game's graphics totally take me back to the Oregon Trail days. Seriously... I love it. Great backgrounds... the road, trees, greenery, buildings.... it's the zenith of your flash.

Now, the gameplay.... OTOH... is a bit more... problematic. And when I say problematic, I mean overly simplistic. As others have said, a linear path with four stops along the way to kill enemies arranged in the exact same pattern... 4 each time (BTW, it's very considerate of them to line themselves up JUST PERFECT for your lance to slice 'n' dice 'em all like that!).... it's just not very full and enriching an experience. Even Oregon Trail had branches in the path where you had to select different routes or methods for crossing a river and so forth!

But here's the main problems I can spell out for you

A) the lance hit detection's a bit off... if you move the mouse faster than a snail, you can skip right past an enemy, even though the lance was flung right over them.
B) speaking of that... lances are used to knock people off a horse, and they're used along the same line as their length... meaning if anything, you would stab with them, not slice/chop.
C) you spelled Dulcinea right in the intro but wrong at the end of the gameplay.

But really, it's an educational and fun little thing here... you could really turn this into an awesome flash game on NG with just a little more work, man. Good luck tilting at windmills, Don Quixote style! #;-}>

Good Concept

I see so much potential in this game. You could have blown us away.
To couple with such a fixed click interface, for one you could have made your graphics look much more convincing and detailed. Perhaps animating the figures could have made the 'movie' much more engaging. Better sound, different registers of pain for each soldier could have been a delight and somewhat satisfying for the few. Effects such as blood, more movement and different enemies could have given the flash much more of an interest. Different paths, the power for us to make decisions on which path to take would have given the flash a more dynamic gameplay. Going through layers, such as different stages or levels would have given us something more to look forward to. A castle for example would have required us to take down gaurds, cross a moat, take down archers, knights, more gaurds until you made your way to the king. More engaging audio and background sounds of medieval war could have brought this flash to a whole new unique realm.
Your concept here is nothing original, but it could have risen to something spectacular and profound. It could have been the best at its category, and earned respect becuase of that. I hope you will blow us away with something amazing and something we've never seen before in your next flash.
Looking forward to seeing your improvement.

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cagedlion responds:

Only If I had the talent and patience, I could make a CD of what you suggested.
What a life people lived in 17th century Spain!
Rolling plains, Sunny weather, lagoons, forts and castles, windmills, knights, kings and their mistresses, farm hands, maids, and chivalrous knights riding horses.

Yeah, develop it a bit

I sense that this was more like a try, but the purpose of tries is to get things better. This game serves this purpose just right. But I'd say it was submitted prematurely.
Try adding things to pick up from the soldiers, then free the princess, or... get out of Don Quixote's insanity with the help of these things maybe :-)

And I agree with Zn3tz : It could be a good game.

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Make it longer and make it possible to die, cause this was more like, *KLICK* And then *SPIN* with the mouse, and your done...
I think it could be a good game if you developed it some more :)

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cagedlion responds:

Yes! You may take this as a beta version. I read the original novel a long time back. I want to read the novel once again and make a full-length movie showing more adventures of Don Quixote and his assistant Sanko Panja.

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Apr 2, 2008
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