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The Equator

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Get your math brain into gear. This is a fast paced math game where you have to find simple math equations before your time runs out.



Pretty good. I see what they mean about the 1's and 7's looking similar. A different colour tile for the 7's would help. Making so that you can click any adjacent tile to one selected would be better than just the tile last selected.

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a bit too complicated for a flash gam i tink, i liked it a bit

it's only about fortune

Some people say it's educational. I think it's not. These are the easiest equations one could get, so it's not a big challenge to solve even a lot of them. To win, you only need to be lucky enough to get as many matching numbers, as needed, and look for them in the right place - becouse it's impossible to browse trough the whole thing in the given time. And I'm not a fan of those games where you depend on your luck - maybe becouse I'm enough.


I must be too dumb to play this, but it seems that I can´t connect the tiles I want... like 2 x 2 = 4 ... hm... maybe I misread somthing, but I don´t like this game :(

Nice Idea, but dont calculating good

Im good at math and im saying only the truth this games dont calculates good...
im clicking 12, then 10 and then 2 (12-10=2) and its doing nothing.
if u can improve the calculator it will be great.

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3.48 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2008
5:46 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other