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Windows Magi | SP3 <BETA>

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Windows Magi | SP3

Guys,Please recommend this for a Windows Collection.
Cleared Some Bugs!

NOTE:-A window will pop-up called "Register with Macrosoft".Fill the forms and click OK.

Hi there.
This the Third Part of Windows Magi.Its Windows Magi | SP3.
This is complicated from the older versions and this is the last and latest version of Windows Magi.
Look at the difference between Windows Magi SP1 and SP3
More features then the older versions.
Please dont VOTE 0 before playing this flash.
Whatever,this is Fun.
Please report me if you find any Bugs.Please.
And Enjoy.


-Disabled Buttons(It's like real Windows)
-Double-click icons
-Draggable icons
-Dragabale Windows
-Original Clock Time
-Original Analog Clock Time
-Windows Magi (SP1) Download For your Computer
-Windows Magi (SP2) Download For your Computer
-Windows Magi (SP3) Download For your Computer
---Finish the Pong game to get the password.
-Date and Day
--Magifyable Text
-Double Click Speed
-Paint[Sized Brushes(07),Colors(20)]
--Only keyboard
-Maze GAME (Comming Soon)
-Macrosoft Word
--- 5 Colors
-Windows Media Player(The real Media Player.It's like original.Rewind and forward button works!YaY!)
--Dragon Ball z Intro Song
--Mortal Kombat Theme Song
--Numa Numa Song(Choose the third vizualization for webcam)
-Control panel
--5 Types of Mouse Pointer
--And etc ;)
-Desktop picture
--Search bar
--Summer/Winter Changer
--ETC ;)
-Video/Audio Studio V.1.0(need webcam)
--Including Microphone
--Effects,Tints & Dress-Ups


Please Report me if you find any Bugs.
and I think I dont get the real graphics because I dont have Vista :-(


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This is MAGIc

Nice :D

Good game :D

Macrosoft ------ Password

This is awesome!
Spolier Alert: There's a jumpscare in the find the difference of the pictures. It scared the f**k out of me D: