Lonely Pong

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This game is the first game that EagleVision Productions has made. Leave some feedback, and be nice, I'm only 11-years old. Suggestions will be apreciated.


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well not really but since effort was put in and its under construction ill give u a 5 u dont deserve a blam its not THAT bad XD. i agree with watshisname who said obsticals XD that would be a earned 5!

EagleVisionGames responds:

Thank you! :D
I have great ideas for it. I truly apreciate it!

Not fun

Firstly, Pong is boring. If you had done something to make pong more exciting then I would have been impressed, but instead you made it more boring. Try to find what Pong is lacking in your eyes remake it making it better, not worse. The design is what bumps this game up to a three.

EagleVisionGames responds:

Its still under construction. Thanks for the feedback! :)


Very smooth controls, but extremely boring and repetitive.

EagleVisionGames responds:

Thanks. It is boring. But its also still under construction.


this game is pretty much pointless...i gave it a 5 for the graphics.but,i do have a an idea.you should make a game like this,except you have to bounce the ball through obstacles to the other side to win. :)

EagleVisionGames responds:

Thanks! :)
I will use that Idea on another game or this one. Thanks! :D

Underage B&

Youre only 11 huh, that means you shouldnt be here, Terms of Service says youngest you can be is 13. Some on topic discussion so not to be flagged.
The flash was boring, pong is quite boring against another person on some AI but by yourself theres no point.

EagleVisionGames responds:

Yes, I am. Very sorry, what do you mean by "flagging"?
As I said...its still under construction.

Credits & Info

2.37 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2008
1:27 PM EDT
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