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After years of development, we're finally ready to show you a glimpse of what our huge "PickleMan Begins" game is going to be like! For a limited time, you lucky Newgrounds viewers have been selected to participate in our public beta test of the game. Please let us know what you think! We're extremely excited to finally share some of this game with you guys! Hope you like it as much as we do!!!!

Controls are:

Arrow Keys: Move
Space: Head Raise
Space + Arrow Keys: Move Fast

Other Keys: ?


Got-damn cow patty

I hate you, and everything you stand for.

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a postmodern critique on futility and heuristic

i find the lack of semen in this production disturbing.

it remind me...

when ive got the old atari !!!! LOL and never understand what i needed to do!! now im older and understand!!! AHAHAH nice game

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I just didn't get it. If it's an april fool's joke it's funny but if its a serious game it's just about average. To the poster below me (Chronospark) if you like it so much, why give it a 0? It isn't as epic as you say it is.

Transcends gaming into the realm of pure bliss

This game is pure brilliance. From its opening sequence, it transcends mere Flash Gaming into the realm of pure bliss. It is difficult to truly describe the way in which this game affects the player, but I'll try.

The gameplay is a complicated mesh of different features, which at times may come across as impossible to learn, but eventually will seem like second nature to the player.
The controls help to alleviate any discomfort one may feel, though, as they are fluid and truly inspired. One would say they were perfectly instituted within the game.
The story is something best left up to to the player to discover. But let me say this: the kinds of twists and turns that take place make M. Night Shyamalan seem like an amateur. Not only does the storytelling ooze of mastery, but the character development makes ones fingers tingle.
As for the graphics. What can I say? They perfectly capture what's needed, and then some. For a flash game, there is no better.

In conclusion, this is the kind of game that I would pay for. I do not give this kind of high praise to just any game. But this game, as I said, transcends the ordinary. Play this game. I urge you, one and all. You will not be disappointed.

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2.62 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2008
12:13 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS