Penis In A Top Hat

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Tophats are just great.

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I was expecting this to suck. Well, it KIND of did. But it was actually somewhat enjoyable. The drawing was crude but silly. The idea was actually kind of funny, in that immature and dumb but still silly way. It was actually a lot longer than I thought it would be, pretty good.


Funny...but why a penis in a top hat???

AlbinoClock responds:


hah this movie is swell

at first i thought that this is just antoher pcie of crap but i was wrong it actualy is funny and the plot is crazy eee 7/10

AlbinoClock responds:



King of Queens is funny. This is not. You are ruining the clock name, and giving a bad name to the Flash Crew community with your spam.

You didn't even give an epilepsy warning!

AlbinoClock responds:

Of all the things to compare this to, you pick King of Queens? lol

I suspect you know nothing of "the clock name" and I care not for this Flash Crew community that you speak of. I have no idea why you think this movie needs an epilepsy warning.

Since you put so much thought into your review, I will reveal the secret of the universe.


Consciousness has a non-local root, that is, it exists outside of space-time. While it appears that consciousness is being propelled through time and space, its seat is actually stationary. This means that we actually determine our thoughts and actions "before" space-time is applied as a medium for the formula, though the way in which we watch time makes it seem otherwise. In truth, the determinism of the individual is the same as the determinism of the entire universe.

Thou art God.

just bad...

the voices are choppy sometimes and the plot is just bad although i did like the fridges way of communication a post it note

AlbinoClock responds:

Everybody likes fridges.