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"Pass The Axe" Collab

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Author Comments

Hey, ever played catch with an axe?

We put a lot of work into making this. This collab was made on the second of February and ended on the First of April...That was 2 months straight of work and we came out with this.

Before you watch just remember we put a lot of work into this and it was a long process but in the end, its all worth it.

List of Contributions:

Sexual-Clarinet (Ran Collab...AUTO-CO)
DrBeach (2 Parts)
Mercenary81 (1 Part +Intro)
Noxx11 (1 Part)
Argentin (4 Parts + 2 Extra's)
xToxicxEmpire (1 part + Menu)
IaMI2002 (1 Part)
djbdr248 (1 Mega Long Part + 5 Animated Gifs)
MysticMonkey2 (2 Parts + Extra)
EvilPacMan (1 Part)
Show-R-Studios (1 Part)
AlmightyLemon (1 Part)



Pretty Good

Ahh, i hate reviewing collabs because either you review the whole thing, which means its inconsistant, or each individual piece. :/
But overall it was pretty good, some were better than others, by alot. But they all seemed to fit together nicely. I liked the variation in ideas throughout the collab, so that it wasnt just an axe killing people all the way through. I particularly liked the Axe Body Spray, the Sprite Tree Stump and the Ness ones.

The graphics were good throughout, they varied though. Some were done very well, some were done horrendously. But id average them all around 7. Some of the stick ones were pretty good as well. And i liked the fact that Sprites, Sticks and Realistic graphics were all used in the collab. The backrounds werent too bad either and the collab showed a broad range of colours. :P

The animation throughout the collab was pretty good, smooth enough throughout. I didnt have any problems with it. The sound was alright, i didnt particularly like the song used, as its not my style. But it fit with it well enough. One scene had characters talking, but they were drowned out by the music. Id advise against voice acting in one track collabs.

Overall it was a pretty good collab, nice work guys. I saw varied levels of style and skill and most were very good. You should make another. Nice work.

Graphics - 7
Animation - 8
Sound - 6

[Review Request Club]

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This is a good theme for a collab and all of you did a good job.

Now, as natural in a collab there where some parts that didn't look as good as other parts. Some artists put a lot of effort into their drawings, while others just drew some stick figures. But overall it's a very good collab.

The song fits perfectly in here, nice choice! ;)

{ Review Request Club }

Not Too Bad

There where some pretty decent parts in this collab but then also others that just didn't look very good. I mean I can see why you would use them just to be fair to those artists but it seemed like there where a few too many poorer animations in this, I mean some of them where good yeah and those where nice to watch but seemed like there wasn't enough of the more decent parts to me.

The music wasn't really to my taste but it certainly did sound to fit in with the whole theme that you have here. I am a little curious as to why you had arrows to skip though, didn't try them but I can only imagin they are to change parts in the flash. Might be a good idea if the parts where longer, but eh. Not too bad overall.



= Review Request Club =


Not bad, I liked it. The quality of the animation was pretty equal thoughout and collectively pretty good. And the song certainly went well with the theme. I think it was mentioned before me, but I thought it would have been cool if you had just one ax that in either a comical, or serious manner went from skit, to skit, to skit until the end. I think that would kind of tie it together in a cool way. But anyway, overall this was a pretty good collab. Good job guys.

Review Request Club~

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Nice use of the axe

This is a really good collab you put all your effort into this and it paid off. This was one fun collab with all you making such an effort. The start was funny with him getting an axe in his head.
I reallly liked Mercenary one funny with the stick figures, and IaM12002 Argentina, Evilpacman you all did exellant work. I found the ones at the start were my favourite mainly, because of the stick figure were very funny and always appealing. Throughout the whole thing i liked the varity of work the music grew on me after a while.
I found the graphics were very good although sometimes they looked weaker in places.

The only problem was that with so many artists i found it hard to keep track of who did work ,and some of the later ones were not as good. I found that the options with the extras did not add anything ,although i did like reading your bios

Overall a good collab

review request club

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Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2008
10:23 PM EDT
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