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A much more casual game then I would usually create, Compulse is a game of timing and precision. Drop movement blocks on the stage to try to get your ball to the goal. Try to drop as few as possible to make it there, to beat the par number on each page. Your progress will be saved, so you can come back as often as you want. Enjoy! I'll try to respond to most of the reviews on this one :).

Developed by Armor Games, programmed by jmtb02... music by MaestroRage.

Controls: Mouse to drop tiles... hit the go button to start.

Edit: Fixed refund glitch, thanks guys. <3
Edit2: Thanks for Daily :).
Edit3: Made par/pro times MUCH harder and added several more fixes, good luck :).


Standard jmtb goodness

As usual, most of your games are simple in concept yet very well executed. Little else to say other than that. :P


Level 18 is my favorite. Put a green square between the right teleport and the bottom left (orange) ring thing. Infinite loop! Yay!


it's simple, and entertaining.

it wonk work

nothing happens, ive tried clicking my mouse and pressing keys but no blocks drop

fun and easy game

It was fun and easy game. My first time through I got 2 below pro.
My suggestions for this or futer version:
-Maybe make pro a little harder
-get rid of yellow (I never used it once) or make a stage where you have to use the down arrows
-when you hold a square with mouse leave it as the square is on top of whatever on the stage, but when down make the square behind everything else. The last stage I had trouble with the bombs because i couldnt see how close i was with the ball because a square was on top of it
-make a stage customizer
-add a speed button, meaning allow the ball to move/fall whatever at 2x, 3x, 4x. This doesn't effect the game except for the sole puporse to save time when you are waiting for the ball to reach the end.
-leave the lines that the ball's travel path makes in, but a hard mode should remove those lines
-have a way to always go to the main menu, as it stands right now if i accidently select the wrong stage i have to 1. lose on purpose, or 2. beat it (if its a stage you can't die on)
-nice music choice, but ill always suggest this on games, multiple types of music please (or at least eh music progresses as the game progresses)

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Mar 31, 2008
3:15 PM EDT
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