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bull running

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My very first game in flash...

i know it is'nt great..but i made this in like...1,5 hours :P
i just wanted to submit my first game :)

Peter has to fight bulls in mexico... watch out for the fast ones and try to stay before the slow ones as close as possible! it is tricky, but try to get at least one minute on the counter!

please enjoy!

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nein kitefha kittens

Not too bad

It's not too bad, but there's a few things I'm missing:

- Difficulty level rising: the bulls just keep coming at the same rate and speed, no matter how far you get into the game. At some point I got to 4 minutes but there were still bulls playing snail

- Hitboxes: the hitboxes seem to vary quite a bit. Sometimes I'm 2 miles away, and I get hit. The other time I'm practically inside the bull and don't die

- Spawnpoint: if you click retry, you spawn right in the middle and you have a high chance of being hit right away. Put the spawnpoint to the bottom of the screen.

- Music: looping the music would be nice. Once it stops it won't continue anymore. Also, a mute/unmute button is a must for every game!

- Sound in general: seeing how you always use your very own style, you should record your own voice and use that in your videos/games ;)

- Score: if you can figure out how to add a score, please do! And once you do, how about you gain extra points for staying close in front of a bull or something?

Anyway, I know you're just starting to learn to program in Flash, and I always look forward to your next gig :D

vlaktemaat responds:

good tips man!

thnx! yeah i would like to record my own voices, but i need a microphone!...i accidentally uninstalled my laptop' s mike:P..

next one is about wolverine, so keep your eyes peeled! ;)

Not bad

I've seen far worse games. I just wish there were lives.

Decent First Game Submission

This is a pretty decent game seeing how you say it's your first game so I'll be nicer.

It's straight to the point and doesn't need a seperate rule page which is nice since I'm not a big fan of 5 Page Long rule books.

I think Peter's default spot in the game should be at the bottom of the page so I don't start off inside a bull already. I thought the game was glitched for a second because I'd hit Play and .001 seconds later I'd see him dead lol. I realize the reason that may be is because the Play button is in the top portion of the screen so by default you start off there. Maybe, move it down a little bit.

I thought it was HILARIOUS of Peter yelling , "HELP...HELP MEEE-E-E-E-E-E~" lol

As for the game itself...it's a bit slow paced. I found myself sitting at one spot for about 45 seconds before a Bull came in that direction and all I had to do was plant him in the opposite corner. But then my A.D.D. kicked in and I ran off to write the review.

All in all it's a decent first time game.

P.S. I especially liked the drawing of Peter's eyeball impaled by the bull lol

vlaktemaat responds:

thnx for the tips!

i dont know anything about making a lives-counter, or score, or a way to "disarm" the bulls...that would be nice...

but im more of a movie maker anyway...

if i decide to make another game i will try to make it more..."game-like"

Nice job

For a first flash it was pretty good. i have seen worse flash games.

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2.97 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2008
10:11 PM EDT