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Madness Experiment

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Hey everyone! This is my.....second sumbmission to newgrounds and I am proud to present a full length actual madness movie insted of a short madness themed one. I found a madness sheet on internet so I started to fool around with it. Eventully it turned to a full-blown movie. Because this is just an trial experiment, there's no real story so sorry about that. I apologize for the chopy movement, I have this running at only 12 fps, if I had it at 30 the action would've gone by fast and movie significantly shorter. Well, I hoped you like it!

[Edit] Ok I managed to update the movie at the beginning... First of all the main carecter has feet at the beginnihng, and all charecter movements match the sounds.... although, there are some things that i do not know how to fix... At some points some symbols will just disapear like the flash from a gun in the third room.... I do not know why this happens or how to fix it, can someone tell me what's wrong and how i can fix it? Thanks!

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u got the riht suff to make

madness now try to do something wiht it

oh crap

damn that guy with blue eyes reminds me soldiers from half life 2...and i like em so i vote 7 and now crying :'(


lots of action!
ITS MASS PARANOIA!!!(in a good way)
im also a friend of ur brother.

pretty good

pretty good stuff
but use a lil bit more frames than it wil be cleaner stuff

That was good...but

I thought it was good, of course there was that one random part with the zombies and this....weird clown, claw thing. I was like wtf. I liked it though. Next time if you are attempting a madness movie, increase the FPS. Try something more original next time. I look forward to your next movie. Well, good luck in your other upcoming flashes. ------Z------

*I think you'll know who I am when I put "Z"...Or atleast, I hope so.

Felipe2543 responds:

Erm.. the zombie gliched for some reason and i have no idea what went wrong or how to fix it.... The wierd zombie thing you are refering to is the head crab from half-life

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3.17 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2008
6:23 PM EDT