Hyper Mario Episode I

March 30, 2008 –
October 3, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Yes, it is a sprite movie.
Mario goes hyper using the hypershroom!
The story starts out random,
but this is just the beginning!
I hope you enjoy it!
( You will need flash player 8 or higher to watch this movie).
Thanks GORSAL For the Nsmb 8-bit sprites!


Yeah,i know you got hyper mario idea per hyper sonic form,but the movie is excellent,nothing of bad,SUPAH KOOL!!!

how dare you do that to the bubble bobble dragon thing but other then that it was quite funny and pretty cool

WHAT DID YOU DO TOTHE GUY FROM BUBBLE BOBBLE?!?!?!?!? But seriously that was some funny stuff. 10 out of 10, can't wait for #2

For a 4.7 MB Flash, this was quite short. I expected more out of this. Other then wath I just said right now, this was great. Some parts gave me a chuckle when Mario threw a beam at Bowser and when he rused the first level. The plot is confusing but I'll take your word on it since it's just the beginning of a good series. I really hope to see the second episode, which more action and suspense. As for this one, it was good. It could of been better though. Good Work Nitro!

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good movie would be better if the charactors had voices and kinda hard to get into it but ill give it 7/10

I can't necessarly give it a 10, but It's not that bad. The effects were great, the story was short, and Bub got his ass beaten down by Mario. I wish you good luck on the series. Hope it turns out good.

What the fuck, I mean what the FUCK! Damn it's like Mario got more acidy than ever before, Super Mario bros at least makes more Sense, but still it was bad ass. Great job.

Its been a long time since I said that a sprite movie rocked, and I hope others that plan on using sprites take by your example. Original story, good animation, and good sound, this is easily a 10. Can't wait for more.

but to short

This is great and can go really far. I can't wait to see this expand into a nice long series with many twists and turns. Make number 2 asap, PLEASE!

I loved it. Its like a copy of the Super Mario Bros Z series, but with 8-bit characters.
Work hard and fast, because I want to see episode 2 :D

Just because of the No Dimension spinning part. That was awesome.

i can see mario in donkey kong again...

So smoothly done, and absolutely hilarious. Hopefully episode two will build upon this and be even better!

i'll give you a 9 just because i couldn't quite make out what was being said at the beginning but other than that, great job

That was the Best Sprite Movie ive ever seen! you did a great job with the animation, story line, music, and i liked the shadowy border during the whole movie. good job! and i cant wait till u come out with more.. this is headin right to my favorites!!

I expected it to be like "Mario eats a drug mushroom and Mario is high and stuff" but w00t it wasn't!! It was a good 2 minutes.

This isn't what people expect.
You made a NES sprited movie look BADASS Ninny <3

Great use of graphics and <3 the fighting msuic.

This the best sprite movie I have seen since Bowesers Kingdom.Good job and it also looks like you put a great deal of effort into this but it would be better if you added some voicing to it

Seem funny... continue, looking foward to new episode(s)

''Mario, i sense a dark presence''

''What, that bush with dark, scray cloud comming out of it ?''

This was awsome :D
Good job


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