Sonic:The Dark Side Prt 5

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The final episode of the dark side is here! Sonic and Shadow take on Abaddon and Knuckles goes to rescue Cream. Hope you all enjoy this final episode.

Thanks to everyone that has given me support and/or tips and tricks for the making of this flash. I, personally, do see an improvement in this flash compared to my others.

-- By The Way Hidden Scene At The End Of The Credits --

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DUDE!!!! You got to make more of this!!!

This were darn good episodes. :)

I wonder if youre gonna make more episodes soon

Akradon responds:

:) no more episodes of the dark side. but there is a new series in slow production. check my userpage for more info

Great job

Awesome flash!
A good finisher, but...
It's a bit of a downside abbandon got finished off so quickly when Sonic turns super.
But don't mind it ^_^
Great job!

Akradon responds:

Glad you liked it :) thats how it was suppposed to be. Abaddon was stronger than a normal sonic, but the part that Eggman couldnt clone was the super form. So when sonic turned super Abaddon had no sort of defense against him

Well made, but cliche.

Fear my new creation, it's like sonic, recolored black, like shadow but even less originally...a few minutes later, now that I have arrived in 32-bit form, in this 16-bit background, I will destroy you with my DBZ-esque fighting moves, fight fight fight, the death egg will blowup, blah blah black, I actually own the black comic, not those aliens who were in an actual game, me, dark super sonic, i mean amaddon, now fear my wrath, fight fight fight, super sonic, energy blast, trapped in tails' random new invention, or not. See how stupid that sounds? I'll give you the 4, for episodes 1-5.

Akradon responds:

so did you like it? little confused lol

Amazingly enjoyable

U kept my attention, the series just got better and better and it was just like a Sonic story. Robotnik was up to his evil stunts all over again. This is a series that any Sonic fan would appreciate. Although the idea of there being another Sonic Clone is not that original, you did it the best (at least from what I have seen on Newgrounds). My only beef with you is the fact that I don't think that it should have been named "Sonic:The Dark Side" because it wasn't really about "Sonic's Dark side" however it was amazing and I hope that I get to continue seeing you make more Sonic flashes(unfortunately they are for free) but in the end they look amazing. Most importantly I loved how you made sure everything in the story was understandable. The fact that it was a quick ending with Super Sonic was understandable and in my opinion, Perfect. Once again I hope that you continue prospering and creating more flashes.(I'd love to see sonic but maybe you can do a tournament series with 8 characters from fighting games outside of the Sonic universe, sorry I didn't mean to throw that in there)

Akradon responds:

Amazing review! Thanks alot mate!! You seemed to like 95% of my series (that 5% being the name lol) but glad you liked so much of it!

The fight scene was very good

It had me engaged...this series should definitely be in the sonic collection! Good luck flashing

Akradon responds:

Thanks so much :D Glad you liked the series and hope to see you back for my next one

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Mar 30, 2008
4:02 PM EDT