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The Hanging Collab

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Author Comments

Welcome to the Hanging Collab! I had a great time making this collab--my first collab. After a rough start (not being able to get anyone to join), this collab became, IMO, a great Flash.

The idea of this collab is to leave you hanging. For example, "part A-1" is a man walking down the street and a bomb lands nearby. "Part A-2" is the bomb exploding. However, between parts A-1 and A-2 is B-1, which is something else entirely. You will be left hanging several times throughout this movie.

I liked working with the people who joined--especially Trekopep, who was the first to join (who actually followed through and made a part). Also, he ended up making 3 parts--overall he was just a really good collaborator. All the rest of them were great helps as well, thanks guys!

Those who participated this collab are: Trekopep, Ryan094, MrGlad, MorrowDays, Shoq, Aaf, and myself, ShirkDeio. Greth-of-Chaos and FlashFrog made parts that were ultimately cut from this collab--but I thank them for trying and helping the collab get finished.

Please vote, please review! Any encouraging reviews or critical reviews (constructive, of course) would be gladly welcomed. And I reply to every review I get (look at my profile--as far as I know, I've replied to them ALL!!)

The participants in this collab had some comments on the collab:

Trekopep says:
"At first I was like, "Yeah, I really can't think of anything to do, so I'll try to find a different collab." But then Shirk PMd me, and I was like, "Whoa! Someone actually CONTACTED ME to try and get me into a COLLAB?" It rarely happens, folks. I normally think of myself as a run-of-the-mill animator. But hey, I work hard, and I think the results are quite satisfying. I hope you like the Hanging Collab! (BTW, check out my other stuff if you're interested. I respond to all reviews!)"

Ryan094 says:
"KABOOM! Thats the sound of the SUCCESS this collab has had. Its great. And guess what... I was in it. My 1st as well"

Thanks for watching!

To God's glory,


Note: Thanks, Trekopep, for helping fix the sound issue!


yeah...blah blah

average amateur collab.
you should have put my part and you might
have recived an award. lol
seriously tho

ShirkDeio responds:

If that's what you honestly think, I can't stop you from thinking it. It is interesting, though, that you weren't good enough to get into this so-called "amateur" collab.

Seriously though.

I was busy...

The time of the collab, you sent me a PM asking me to join the project, but I don't think I ever responded, because I was rarely online at the time. I have my internets back, and I decided to watch this and contribute a thorough review:

The idea was amazingly clever, and I would have easily found myself animating parts of this collab, but I was gone, so let's see... lengthy loading session, waiting... ha! Finally loaded! Wait, another play button? Weird, but I'm moving on...

I actually like the ShirkDeio parts the most. MrGlad had some nice, dark scenes, but most scenes bored the hell out of me. I have to say the ending credits are pointless, too, because your names were pasted over your scenes.

My rating will still be somewhat high, because I like the concept. If you do this type of collab again, I'll gladly participate. Good luck on future projects, Shirk!

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ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks! I'll invite you to my next collab!

how delightfully clever

it's a montage of cliffhangers! i liked it, good job. but how come some arcs were finished but others were left unresolved?

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ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks, I thought it was a good idea.

The idea could be developed more, as you have noticed that the ideas didn't tie in together, nor did some of the parts get resolved. This is something that will be thought about if and when the Hanging Collab 2 is started (no promises).

It also depends on how you define resolved--the blob in Trekopep's Treasure Island bit sank to the bottom of the ocean--was that a resolution? Ryan094's skater fell off a cliff, is that resolved? MrGlad's guy was almost run over--that was definitely not resolved =p

Thanks for the review!

Pretty Good.

I think it got the score it deserved. But most of the parts are pretty good.

Good Job. Well put together collab.

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ShirkDeio responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing!

nice, smart

i enjoyed it, great and original concept shirkdel

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ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks doomshol

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Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2008
10:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Original