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Author Comments

I decided to make a blaster game, and I did. That's pretty much it. Inspiration from Xiao Xiao 4.
My high score is 572. If you beat that, you're seriously 1337.
Also I'd like to mention that this game tests you reflexes, and you endurance (if you're good enough).

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nice ideas here

you've got some good ideas here...expand and add better animation and ya might make something good.

Kwing responds:


not bad

quick and painless, always good.

Kwing responds:


What the...?

Disclaimer: The 'violence' and 'humor' scores have little (if anything) to do with how good a game is... They are only there because they used to be in the sub-scores ('interactivity' has been replaced with 'gameplay')...


What the...? Come on Newgrounds... We're BETTER than this, surely...

Graphics: 0/10 (awful): . The 'graphics' (and I use that term loosely) look like they were done in paint over the course of about ten minutes. The whole game is a completely unappealing, utterly shitty mass of mostly sold grey, with a few other masses of solid colour thrown in here and there. They don't even smooth edges. The only thing that was done even remotely well was the word "Blaster" and I get the feeling you stole that.

Style: 2/10 (bad): At least there are no bugs (aside from a health bar glitch) , but this game has no 'style' otherwise and the package does not AT ALL come together with anything even remotely resembling coherency. The big grey things flying around are distracting and the gun doesn't even tilt when you aim it!

Sound: 1/10 (terrible): Let's see, there are two lame, poor quality sound effects that only wind up being drowned up by the godawful, poor quality music loop. 1 point because there ARE both sound effects and music, but they're so terrible that I actually would have rated this category HIGHER if you could turn them the fuck off...

Violence: 1/10 (Very Little Violence): 1 mark for the concept, but it's not violent at all, really... The enemies (who all look the same) just vanish when you shoot them...

Gameplay: 1/10 (Terrible): All you're really doing is clicking the screen, but it is at least a mildly interesting test of reflexes, I'll give it that. However, it's FAR too predictable, it's probably too generous with the health and, most importantly, IT'S NOT FUN!!! It's no good if it's no fun blasting the bad guys, now is it?

Humor: 0/10 (No Humor): Not only is there no humor to speak of, the game is so terrible that it a disserves a NEGATIVE humor rating for being the exact opposite of funny. Fortunately for you, though, I don't do negative ratings...

Overall: 0/10 (Awful): Why you bothered to release this game in the sorry state that it's in, I don't know... I'm even more confused as to how in hell this game made it through judgement... Obviously the judgement system isn't harsh enough...

Seriously, mate, next time you think of releasing a game, shape up or ship out! This game DOES NOT deserve to be in the public domain and I'm writing this review to make DAMN sure everyone knows it. DON'T play this game, and if you do, VOTE 0!!! >:-(

Kwing responds:

Okay, to start, the word "Blaster" is not stolen. It is simply a font called Neurochrome.

Secondly, the style, gameplay, and sound reviews are purely opinion, and are very biased.

Violence: I suppose you have a point there.

Humor: That doesn't even go into account when it's not meant to be funny.

Lastly, I'm 13 and I've been using Flash since Christmas '07. Don't think that just because you wrote a long review, it's actually good.


I give u 10/10 just because Dimmu Borgir rules!!!!

Kwing responds:


That was really f-ing hard

How the hell did you score over 100?

Kwing responds:

Click very, VERY fast, or use Tab.

Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2008
12:17 AM EDT