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A simple game that follows the style of the popular Myst series. Point and click, try to escape. 3D pictures rendered in Bryce 5.5, assembled in Flash CS3. The 3D map took about a week, the game took less than an hour. Enjoy! =D

Edit: There appears to be a loading problem. If the game doesn't load, try again and it should work.


Lack of...

Lack of fun. Incredibly dark. No dialog. No music. Graphics were the high point, and really well done. Navigation needs work.

Great Game

It was an alright game
The graphics were amazing
It was pretty self explainitory, however you spell that.
The bad thing
It was sort of hard to get to another scene
And the brightness in the game could of been better cause it was hard to get what you needed out of the trees
But besides that great game!!
Cant wait for the full version


Is that all? Nothing behind the gate? It does look nice and the puzzle itself isn't bad, but why just 1 puzzle? As said befo,r it's more like a 1 question test then a game if you ask me. You could write in the author comments that it is only a test to see if people are interested in a full game .... i am anyway. That way people might give it a higher rating. Succes on making a full version.

For those who got loading problems:
- start the game, right mouse click and click on forward

get a perloader

get a perloader

Also i just right click and press play and i win.

AceDecade responds:

Full version will have preloader, and do you know how to stop right-click cheating?

My Opinion

I heavily liked the one puzzle you put in. But frankly, this is nothing more than a test. Get your friends to do it or something, but you can't honestly expect this to do well.

I am sorry, but I can't support this. It is simply one puzzle, but it's been done before. Try again, but make a complete game.

AceDecade responds:

Thanks man, and you're right. This was more of a test than an actual game, and I don't expect it to do terribly well, but I was just putting this out to see if people liked this kind of game. It seems quite a few people enjoyed it, so expect a full game some time soon!

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2.71 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2008
11:07 PM EDT
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