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The Pardoner's Tale

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Author Comments

Hey everybody. It's taken me nearly forever to get a Newgrounds account, but I finally got it, and now I also finally have space to put up my creations! This is my first flash movie. It is a 6 minute long animation about gamblers, treachery, and death. Me and a couple friends got together to do the voice acting for this thing, and it was hell to animate it, believe me. The music is an event sound so it might desync. Sorry about that. I didn't know how to do a loading screen either. But, look past that and I have a decent show for you. Enjoy!

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Thx for modernizing Chaucer

I teach Senior Language Arts and we just finished "The Pardoner's Tale." I wish I had a way to show this to my classes since I've just assigned a creative project and they were having a tough time thinking of creative things to do. I'll give them the website so they can look up your work on their own. It's nice to see someone lending a new angle on these medieval tales. The graphics were great; my only criticism is like many of the other reviews I read--the voices really need theatrical work. It would've made watching the tale MUCH, MUCH more interesting and engaging. They DO sound bored and flat. Also, as said previously, the music was much too loud for the voices. I don't know how animation is done and how difficult fixing those two problems would be, but if you did and e-mailed a bunch of high school English teachers, they'd be SO HAPPY to have this! Thanks for your work.

pretty nice

You're doing a project for school, aren't you? Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. I JUST had to do a project on the Knight...the longest one...60 pages...oh well, I probably got an F, but you deserve an A. Oh yeah, the voices need some work.


You need to make the Voices better fit the characters. They all sounded like they were depressed, and didn't care about death at all.

i turned it off

Don't get me wrong, I like Chaucer and all, but this was boring. You're really talented at flash, but listening to bad voice acting buried somewhere beneath the repetetive ominous music got old really quickly.

I suggest if you make more please be more choosey with the music. You don't have to have the same thing going over and over and over and ov-- you get my point. I recomend something from the second LOTR soundtrack if you want something that slowly builds in it's intensity.

nobuyuki-nyuu responds:

at the time this was animated, that particular movie wasn't even out yet.

Chaucer on Newgrounds?

Thank you! There is so much crap here that it's really nice to see something like this, instead of yet another piece of insanity or stick-figure death theatre. Any chance you'd consider doing the Miller's tale next? The only downside was the sound mixing- while the music you had was appropriate, it was too loud for the voices at times.

Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2002
12:39 AM EST