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Escape to Earth

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*now with mochi high score table for bonus level*

collect your stars
build up your HP
and fight through 8 challenging levels

if you can beat the "Boss" - near impossible you get an extra bonus level

8 playable music tracks + bonus boss track

music credits are in the bonus end credits

if your not challenged enough try the harder levels!! "the field" is really just an intro level which is why you won't "need" to play it to play other levels. Linear is my favorite and the Boss was my favorite to make ;D

OH! there are ways to cheat in this game but not on all levels PM me if you find want or want to know what they are!

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Just needs some fixing

Little glitchy, like on the boss level (final) i got hit by a laser and then my ship was frozen and i was invincible. Update the ship graphics, so everything looks good.

Its wat i expected

ok thats all ive got to say
its needs graphic update or is it sposed to look like atari gaming?

JBPresents responds:

Lol it was my first real game! I was very proud of it at the time. It is just part of the process of learning how to make a good one :)

Great, but...

Needs a few typo and glitch tune ups... Like the final boss. The only time you are not hurt by the beams is when the cannons are moving very fast. Even when there is no 'white' beam they shoot out after holding still for about a second, you can still take damage by sitting in front of them.

Keep up the good work!

JBPresents responds:

yea they are supposed to hurt you all the time!! there is a visible blue line that is hard to see i should probably do something to make it more visible. Thanks for playing through my whole game!!
Thanks for the great review and awesome comments!!

good start and def potential

Ok I liked it but there are a couple things I didnt like-
-its easy to avoid alot of the obsticals cause you can get almost touching to them and they wont hurt you, I would up the sensitivity on that.
-you can hide in the cornor alot you should almost take that option out of the game.
-The boss wasnt that hard, a little annoying but nothing more.
-I would have liked on the map screen to choose your destination if you chose differnt colors for the writing it was hard to read some of the words.

Have you ever thought of allowing weapons for the ship???!!!

JBPresents responds:

thanks for the helpfull and great review!
yes I have thought about it but I was working with the little knowledge i had for AS2.0 I will make a sequel to this game eventually and it will have weapons and such. but as for now I am trying to learn AS3 and classes so i can make faster better games quicker!!

I'm glad that you found my boss easy I was trying not to make it too hard and i thought it was, so to find out it is too easy is great!! I can make a really hard one next time!

not that hard

Nice game but...it's not impossible.I beated it while phoning so it's definitely not that hard.The swing level is glitched...you can wait in the low-left corner till the level ends avoiding every hurt.Bad graphic.

ps yeah I could beat the Sun lol

JBPresents responds:

there are 3 levels that aren't glitched but there are places to hide in them to get higher scores, i would appreciate you not posting the others in here, thanks!
Thanks for the great score!!
wow yea i thought i was making it too tough so i am glad you found it easy!!
Just lets me know i can make an even harder one next time :)