Crazy Graviton

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Now this is my latest game, Crazy Graviton.
It is a fully playable pre-release. Load and Save Game functionality isn't implemented yet, and there will be more levels and more features in the next releases.
The game is very CPU intense and needs a strong PC!
Hope you like it. Enjoy!

The story:
The Crazy Graviton is a cool future molecular laboratory environment built for nanomedical science & engineering research. During the last experiment the laboratory got polluted by fiendish Nanoparticles by accident! The particles rendered the Graviton useless!

Your mission is to hunt down as much Nanoparticles as possible in a given Timeframe and destroy them to make the Crazy Graviton work again! To accomplish your mission you have a Nanobot that you can move through all the environments (levels) of the Crazy Graviton and two Nanopaddles wich bounce the Nanobot on hit.

Each level has its own Timeframe. Within this Timeframe you have to destroy as much Nanoparticles as possible and you have to reach the Nanogoal to get to the next level. If you don't get to the goal in time your Nanobot dies and your mission is over.

game controls:

Arrow keys or A,D,W,S: move the Nanobot
Mouse up/down: move the Nanopaddles up/down
CTRL or SPACEBAR: bypass Nanogoal, Wormhole and Border Switch
1 or numberpad 1: activate Slow-Downer
2 or numberpad 2: activate Anti-Gravity
3 or numberpad 3: activate Plus-Time
P: pause game

game controls in pause mode:

Arrow UP or W: move up to watch level
Arrow DOWN or S: move down to watch level
+: brigthen pause display
-: darken pause display

***** Edit 03.28.08:
Thanks for your comments and critics!
As I said it is a Pre-Release (I was under pressure releasing it for the current mochi... game contest).
There will definately be more features and more levels of course which will make it less "repetitive" more challenging and more fun, I hope.
I also needed a "proof of concept" and I think "dayly 5th place" and the current score of 3.64 is proof enough that the game works and is worth being further developed.


i enjoyed it


Was Ok

Pretty good game to work through but for me, i could only play this once. But again it was pretty good and very well thought through. Good music and sounds also.


great work

fun and addictive

its ok

a very interesting puzzle game

among other things

its a differnt puzzlr game but vary interesting one

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2008
3:39 PM EDT
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