Arena Mancala Opening

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The Opening Scene of my Final Assignment around a year ago, about a mancala game. Opening Theme taken from Magical Drop 3 for Playstation.


great idea

love the idea, id give a 10 if you made it...

ryuumajin responds:

I'll take your words for it, heh heh heh


i think the guy who left the review bellow might be a bit..................retarded ,it was fantastic to be honest well done

ryuumajin responds:

Hahaha, no probs, i don't mind. I know I didn't give my best to this trailer. I'd try to make a better one next time.

I appreciate your attention tho

And what?

And erm... nothing intersting. The game may be good but i dont like the idea of throwing here a short and easy made trailer of some pictures moving around.
No idea
No animation
No stars for you sorry

ryuumajin responds:

Hahaha, 'sokay, i realize it's just too 'cheap' (or easy) to slide some static pictures over here and there. If it's some kind of trailer it's supposed to be animated, right?

Thanks for the critic ;3


great music, scene transition, and art.

one question. is this an actual game thats out or are you making it or is it in producting or are you just a twat to dangle something so tantilizing infront of my face. but yeah the flash was good :D

ryuumajin responds:

Just want to tantilizing in front of your face. heheh, just kidding

This is for a Final Assignment of my college, though I do really want to make a game of it someday, if only I could have a team or money to produce it {=3


the flash is good and whatever...

But these guys are still playing a board game, not "engaging in glorious batte" or something that would merit the heroic music and such. still, it was good

ryuumajin responds:

This was inspired from Super Puzzle Fighters IIX, Puzzle Arena Toshinden, Psychic Force Puzzle Taisen etc. There's no real battle (just "Puzzle-Battlling" around) but sure the eye candy is catchy. Thanks for the comments

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Mar 27, 2008
3:20 AM EDT
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