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A Tricky Seeing Eye

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Author Comments

This is a flash that was made back in 2003 but was never submitted. I now give you a classic from the vault. Enjoy.

NOTE: This is not a screamer or any thing of those. This was made before all that shit. It looks like it. But I 100% will request to get banned if there is a screamer in this. So you are safe. Although there is a surprise if you look at the image long enough. Stare at the red dot until it goes away.

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I don't care what those snooty newgrounds elite opinions say I found it to be delightful!

haha good one

simple but there should've been that guy then he becomes chukie that's acary

Frank2982 responds:

I wasn't going for scary more for the lulz...

tired of pp flash

it was kind of funny but can't you come up with something better?

Frank2982 responds:

Yeah I made this 5 years ago. I've done a few things since then.


very little movement perhaps the clown should move or at least change experession

Frank2982 responds:

If you pulled your cock out and started waving it around, would you make different facial expressions or would you just sit there and smile and enjoy the breeze?


how long it take u to do this?

Frank2982 responds:

Well, it was 5 years in the making since I made it back in 2003. But honestly, probably like 5 minutes. I don't remember though. I made it back in 2003.