Nipple Clamps.

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Here is a rather alerting seizure warning if you are afraid of contrasting and bright colours.

I had three audio pieces lined up for this. Ended up using only two of them. Hope you enjoy this project. I enjoyed making it. I really did.

If you have problems reading some of the text in this animation, I will be very glad.


i think you should get rid of the crazy background

i think you should get rid of the crazy background it gave me a headache

Mechabloby responds:

it gave me a headache
it gave you a headache
i think thats very kind of it
its giving instead of receiving
say thank you
you rude person

eeeerrr hehehe!!!

me gonna act like a reterrrrherhrhrhrd!!
flashy makeing me reterrrherhrhrhrrd!!
lol this stuff is pretty cool if ya see in the dark this is really good for a light show

Mechabloby responds:

are you dyslexic
it seems like you have minor problems trying to spell out the capital city of italy


DIS is so fuckin eye boggling! i swear wierd but jus feels right 4 some reason... keep up the gud work!

Mechabloby responds:

your 'review' is eye boggling
what do you mean by GUD
not allowed not allowed not allowed


Wow, that was seriously fucked up, but awesome at the same time. My eyes literally feel like they're swelling or something. I'd like to watch it again to try and figure out what you were saying, but I think my brain would go all mush. Still I loved it even if my eyes hate you at the moment, hehe.

Mechabloby responds:

my eyes are not that fond of yours
intolerable if you ask me
here take this
its a ticket of free discipline
you can use it

Deserves the Seisure Warning

Flashing lights...colors...illegible...woah!

Interesting movie. Now excuse me whilst my eyeballs explode.


Mechabloby responds:

no come back you need more upgradings

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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2008
4:18 PM EDT
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