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Xent - Love

rated 3.99 / 5 stars
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Mar 25, 2008 | 12:48 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place March 26, 2008

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Author Comments

Finally Ive finished my third movie of my flash project XeNt.
This was supposed to be finished for the 8th of march(women international day) but my work delayed me, so it is...I work two months to finish this cause it is done traditionaly, everything was done in a sheet of paper so sorry about quality, is the best I could achive with my tools , ....god, never doing this again, better buy a wacom tablet,...

Hope you enjoy

........and thanks for watching

Edit: wow...a daily 4th place!...I didnt expect this movie to reach that high.
Thanks everyone for your support, srsly I dont even have words to express my gratitude.

If you want to see the scketches of this movie they are here:

Sorry I didnt mention the authors of the songs. I missed that, Here they are...
ending: 'Spell' by Digby
Opening: 'You dont know me' by Sonic fuel.

The meaning of this movie: The rose represents the feelings of the girl...and that girl represents 'The Real girl'(the one who answers the phone) mood. Its a double link.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not to interesting.

You seem to be able to use flash, and I like your penmanship. I like where your going, but the background was to pixlated. The other thing is you didn't hook me in the story. Think about it more before you make it.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hmm. Intresting.

I've never seen anything Like it. It has great Music, very beautiful.
I do not get the meaning but I found it meaningful, in a way.
Maybe some more details to tell us the plot. You've left some of us in the dark here. :) Good Job on this piece.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Actually, this was very boring.

What was the point of creating this animation? What message was behind this movie that was supposed to move me in any way? You dedicate this to women who really showed their courage in the face of people who were sexist against them, and I give you credit, you have a cool style, somewhat, and the thoughtfulness of dedicating something is very understandable and kind, indeed, but this movie was almost nothing. It was about some girl who pricked her finger on a flower, answered a call, and looked at the sky again, using the same two animation sequences twice. That was lazily wrapped up, and the music was a tad boring for me (I dunno, I just wasn't too thrilled with the whole "Evanescense approach"), and the plot? Where was the plot? Why not dedicate your wonderful movie to a person who spends their entire life giving and speaking out to people? A courageous woman who stands out of the rest of mistreated populace and fights against a tyranny? Don't you think that it may be better than the plot you just thought of one sunny afternoon? This was very lazily made and poorly-executed. Some development behind the tablet should be made, and you should continue practicing. It's days like this that I wish I, myself, could have a flash movie maker. Something besides that $800 monster that just sucks up my patience.

This was a bold attempt, I give you that, but you need to be less lazy with your stuff. I want to see you really come out and animate with all that you have. That's how people get to the top. That's why you see those great animations in the Top 50. I think you have the potential to be one of those artists. Really pull something from your soul, next time. I see you doing very well in the long run.

keepwalking responds:

well what can I say to this...Ill tel you that I always try to make the best movie I can here, using what I have, my pencil, and a sheet of paper. In my other animation people said it was borring, it had no plot, It was poorly animated, and that even credits were too long. OK then, I Used FBF animations, I draw my own backgrounds, I pick an 'artistic' story,design a better character, I speed up credits, and at had a little higher score than the other one. Srsly I just dont get what you want from my movies. Im not profesional at this, this is just mi third atemp at a flash movie, and the first one ever doing FBF animations. I understand you dont like it, its ok, I know I cant be good for everyone, but please, Seriously, you cant tell me this was lazy, you are destroying my 2 month work in a single 60 second review, If you dont have flash, I think, How could you know if this was lazy done.........?
I know the story is difficult to understand( wich was really pull from my soul), that the quality of my animations need to be smoother and art should be perfect, but this is what I can make with my tools, and at this moment a tablet is too expensive.
I still thank you for believing I can reach the top 50 and I can improve my movies.
good luck


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Way too boring

I'm sorry, but I did not like it. It dragged on for too long, and the quality wasn't good. You need some help on your motions too.

Don't say it was bad because it was hand drawn too. You didn't have to draw it by hand. It doesn't look more impressive when you sacrifice quality for individuality.