BETA Edge of Machines Pt2

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This animation has been split nto two parts, becuase it was really large and the synchrinisation was horrible.

This move has a production time of 5 years, but in essence I only spent 5 months working on it.

A little prologue:

The guy with the blue hat is Alan Edge, he's basically an assassin, but one of his contracts was stolen by someone else (the guy in the metal suit with the purple stripes) who is known only as BETA. So... Alan Edge moves onto another task so as not to have that one stolen too, but is confronted by Donovan (The new and mysterious Chief of Police) who basically beats him up and Alan runs away.

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Storyline was good, even through the second part, although it seemed more like a prolonged introduction to all the characters, and their motives.
All of it reminded me of the matrix and such story's, because there are a couple of superhuman protagonists, and some (normal) human cannon fodder around them.
It has some huge potential, judging mostly by the moves they made, which reminded me of the tekken game series.
Keep it up.

Nice, but...

Like last time - you drawings and animations are horrible. Just that. But you have a great potencial. First - do some exercises. Simply draw and animate something in flash. Don't just continue this series - try to improve! And to do that you must work! Train! Really - it's that simple. Draw and animate if you have some free time. That helps greatly. You may still not be able to create such animation like in xiao-xiao series, but you will improve at least a little.

Keep working.

The Other

The Other Part Was Good so this must be good as well

Improve ur art please!!

Like I said in the last review..
U need to improve ur drawing style...
Ur creativity are with the storyline are awesome!
The idea for the fighting scene are GREAT! but dint accomplish perfectly...
The humor are good, not too much for that this is a more serious story..
The idea for the blue cap ninja dude are good, love that...

Maybe you can check some of the tutorial in Newgrounds or my drawing tutorial series, Sketchpad.
I rlly love BETA series, if u juz improve ur drawing style, I'll add it into my favourite! :)
Sry if I sounded too negative in some ways..

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3.88 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2008
4:21 AM EDT
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