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Aus ET: The Players

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Okay so I've been a little addicted to this oldschool fps game on PC, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which had given me the idea to animate a depiction of what I thought some of the players I play with, look and act like.

This is basically a cartoon about just that, the Australian Enemy Territory community in real life.

Some of you guys may not get half the stuff in this flash if you haven't played the game, but I'd say it'd be pretty similar to most online games.

Anyway, please enjoy and I look forward to any reviews :P

PS. If you're wondering, my alias is Volta aka atlov, and I play on the Australian GameArena Servers :D

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I agree with Deathjester. You should make more ET flashes. I play a bit of ET, not much though. Anyway, some of the voices I found kinda irritating but funny nonetheless. Loved the last one with the afk guy.


u should really make more et flashes. until now this is the second flash here thats about ET. you should make more =D The people will be demanding it. i wonder what i would be like in that flash =D a shame you dont play in the finnish and German servers =(

It really protraits my addiction (Zonji)..on games

AHHH!!! YOU F*CKING CUNT! That's what i say when i'm pissed with my games. actually I never played this game yet, my computer's a low-end. But nice flash

5/5 10/10

chillyphilly responds:

Hehe, thanks for the review mate.

I dunno man, ET is pretty old school, im sure it can run on some low end pcs.


I really laughed my ass off. This was really funny. All those stereotype gamers in one flash, awesome!

chillyphilly responds:

Yep :P

Cheers for the review.


i dont play but the animations were very clean. props to the use of mars volta too

chillyphilly responds:

Cheers mate. Volta fucking rock!