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Chrono Trigger Unglued 16

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Take a step back in time with us as we explore what happened to Crono during the time he was unconscious directly first being thrown in, and then woke up three days later just minutes before his execution. Three days is a lot of time to lose, and much can happen during it. So much so that this episode had to be supersized in order to not have multiple flash back episodes in a row.


The space bar, as well as the arrow button, is used to advance conversations. When the secret scene is unlocked you select it from the scene selection menu to play it. Restarting the movie by right clicking relocks the secret scene. You can now skip Gaspar's narration if you select the first scene from the scene menu.


Cryo wrote this episode shortly after Episode 15 came out, unfortunately he has since dissapeared again afterwards. Cryo dissapearing has become quite the CTU tradition, hasn't it? This time the Flash has new features such as if you choose scene one from the scene selection menu, rather than just pushing play, you'll actually skip Gaspar's Narration. Furthermore, the movie now tells you at the end whether or not you actually unlocked the secret scene, I know this will make many people around here happy. Sorry it took so long to get this episode out, but as you can see it's gargantuan like nothing ever before it (both in size and length). This was necessary so as not to have multiple episodes of flashback in a row. Future episodes will take less time to make, and will also be shorter.

Oh, and something special will happen to people who try to cheat their way to the Secret Scene, which is no longer possible to do.

"Meow, Bitch!"



I've been waitin on this episode 4 a while now

it was funny yo keep @ it

I also noticed the gnashers on a plane 4 the movie title lol

o jea the rice n curry thingy thing thing had me rollin lmao


The only thing I disliked was the random speech. Either full speech or no speech next time, otherwise, excellent rendition of what happened.

Also, while the story was well done, there could of been room for a little bit more action. It might not all be about action, but a bit of secondary action would create a little more excitement/keep the viewer a little more interested during the duration of the animation.

Otherwise, good use of events, and good work on nice little parts like the cat scene and what it would look like for Marle walking about during the wait.

There's no way to accurately describe it...

But the closest I can come is that I love _EVERYTHING_ about this series!!! :D I even love the secret scenes!!!!! ^,^ PLEASE! _PLEASE_!! ___PLEASE___!!! DO NOT STOP MAKING THIS SERIES!!!! _____PLEASE_____!!!!! >:D

Clovis15 responds:

Don't worry, I'll keep going. I like making CTU, and it makes me glad that you like watching it.

That cat is awesome.

Very well done. It gets better with each episode as well as funnier! Just like the real game teh story draws me in and keeps me interested and entertained. It's getting close in the story for them to go to the future and eventually meet Robo. I can hardly wait to see what happens to poor unlucky Crono next! I'm also looking forward to when the eventually get to use magic. Seeing Lucca not need fuel to start fires will be awesome, and knowing Crono's luck, he'll electrocute himself a few times before he get the spells right.

Friends don't let friends use magic while on ether. :D

Great series

lol gnashers on a plane
keep up the good work

Clovis15 responds:

It's good to know that someone actually noticed that name of the movie playing at the movie theater.

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4.35 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2008
12:34 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place March 26, 2008