Sad robot

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Here is a movie about a lonely robot. Can you feel the pain?

Song "sad robot" by www.pornophonique.com

Edit: Thanks for your reviews.
Sad robot v1.1



that was great iam pratical speachly


As people have said before, that damn green thing took up too much air time, it's like something you threw in to waste some time. But overall good.


I really loved the story and the idea!
Only one thing i didn't like, and another contribution to imagination:P

The thing i didn't like was the green ... thing? in the movie, it doesn't adds to the story, in fact, it degenerates the movie:(

And in the beginning of the movie, the music is rather slow, so why is the robot moving at full speed? it would be really nice if he walked in slow-mo if you know what i mean?

Really good work!


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Good work

THis animation was quite well done, the drawings were done in a nice smooth style, and the style stayed the same throughout which is a good thing.

The song was good, I normally don't like this kind of music, but I did this time (though it doesn't matter if I am rating an animation). THe song and animation corresponded well, a song about a sad robot, an animation about a sad robot sort of thing.

The one thing I didn't enjoy was that green animation thingy. Sure, its not bad looking, but the amount of time it took up in the animation was too much. Other than that one thing I didn't enjoy, it was a lovely animation that i'd certainly watch again. For future works, I suggest making it less repetative, but hell this animation was great and I can't talk sonsidering all my works have way more flaws!


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Very nice, but also

very depressing -.-"
i love the work youve done on this =]
that poor robot T_T

*hugs robot* there, there...you'll be ok now

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3.62 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2008
3:00 PM EDT
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