An Easter Massacre 2

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EDIT: The eggs have been removed, and the clock has been set to change at 8:00 instead of 6, because it's still light out at 6.

Some of the backgrounds in this movie will change depending on the time of day that you watch it - for example the sky will change color if you watch before or after 8:00 PM. Also one of the scenes will be different, so come back in a few hours.

-=OK you can stop reading if you want now=-

I'm shocked that I got this done in time - a month of hard work, then 4 more of procrastination, and two sleepless nights have allowed me to bring you more mindless pink violence. THIS TIME EQUIPED W/ PLOT (Which I give you the option to skip if you hate plots).

It is a bit rushed, as you will be able to tell, but I think it came out fairly good. I couldn't put all that I originally wanted to in because of time restraints - but that'l just make next years all the better, amirite? Enjoy.

Oh, and happy Easter everyone.

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this is a great Easter movie just the first Easter movie

lol wtf?!!

the ending was funny he does all those badass things just to get shot by a mall cop?!!! lol


funny but what the fuck he got shot again?


more blood, more violence and longer than last one.
keep up the good work

A lot better.

A lot better than the first one, however it feels strange that he kills the boss without a scratch and then all of a sudden dies. I mean its like hes going from hero to zero in 0,006 seconds.