Planet go Boom!

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Planet go boom is about two idiots who happen to find a secret base, and with it end up blowing the planet.

Total Run time: 2 mins 38 secs.
Music: 1. Lenlow
2. Main Street
3. Happy go Lively
4. Hit and Run

Personal Comment:
Wow. I haven't animated in a while and I really wanted to make something new. It began as some joke with a friend, and I really wanted to animate so it then became a project. I did hit some walls but thanks to Ren and Stimpy I was able to see it through, and was able to complete my longest project to date. I hope you all enjoy because I ultimately made it for all of you. Review, and let me know what you think. Enjoy.


Very good!

I liked this, good characters, good story and it was pretty funny. It brought a smile on my face, which i thank you for, the setting is cool too.

Graphically this is good, i like your style, the characters looked great, your drawing is good and the objects and frog looked good. The backrounds were nice and simple but looked well, and the colouring was good throughout.
The animation was simmple and smooth which is very good.
The sound was good too, nice sound effects on the people and good clear voice acting on the frog. Very good

Overall i liked this, especially the uncoloured part with the frog talking, i thought that was particularly good. Well Done!!

Graphics - 8
Animation - 8
Sound - 8

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HalfV responds:

its cool that you u liked the uncoloured part. thats my personal favorite, but from what i have heard not a lot of people got that it was all in his head... thanks shadow glad u thought it was good.

A Masterpiece!

I have not laughed so hard in Ages!!!!! Thanks HalfV, YOU ARE "AN" HERO!!!!!! lol

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HalfV responds:

Thank you. I am glad to be an hero, even though it was a lot of work. And with enough luchadoring you can be an hero too.


Loved it, don't bother with elsalvador, you can never have too much Ren and Stimpy, this was awesome and you deserve a high score.

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HalfV responds:

haha thats what I said. Thanks a lot.


Can definitely see where the Ren and Stimpy influence comes in, it's almost too much though. Maybe have some feature to tell the two apart, something as simple as different colored underwear would work or maybe a bit of a hairdo.

HalfV responds:

Nothing wrong with too much Ren and Stimpy. You can say its a tribute to the awesome show.


Sounds are nice and graphics arn't bad ether. 3/10 :)

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3.31 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2008
1:26 PM EDT
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