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Chase&Arnold - Easter Egg

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This is an easter egg from the DVD we put out last year.
http://tomorrowsnobody.co m/shop/index.php?main_pag e=product_info&cPath=4&pr oducts_id=12

We thought it would be an appropriate day to put it out. Hope you enjoy it! You can see the rest of the, A Moment With Chase and Arnold's here(they're towards the bottom):
http://tomorrowsnobody.co m/index.php?module=htmlpa ges&func=display&pid=1

Also we've been doing a weekly live show, called "David Forgets", for the past few months so if you haven't checked it out yet please do and let us know what you think.
http://www.tomorrowsnobod y.com/index.php?module=ht mlpages&func=display&pid=

For more news on what's going on check out our site. They're will be some new cartoons from us this year!

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It seems weird to have a whole submission on an Easter egg. It would make more sense to just have an Easter egg here. Still, this wasn’t bad. I was really shocked when Arnold slapped Chase. I don’t know why. It was so shocking.

Arnold must be the most impersonated celebrity. It’s so easy to do his voice! Uh, Happy Easter?
It is quite appropriate for the time. It’s nice as something short.


Very nice. I liked the contrast of color and black and white used in this flash, I found it to be quite unique.
Everything from the art to the humor were well done in this flash.
Overall, short, but it packs a good comedic punch.

Nice work.

Ahhhhhhnold . . .

I loved how TN's don't have facial expressions, kinda like the Kanye West portrayal of the Jetsons in his new video . . . ahhh, thus seems to be the fate of the 80's Babies, Generation X (The Video Game Generation!) & Generation Y (The You-Tube Generation!). YAY FOR AMERICA! YAY FOR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!!!
LOL NOTTTTT. Ahhhnold is a great actor but if he's a Nazi sympathizer, he can fuck off. As seen in this flash, he's just a role-playing bully. "YOU LACK DISCIPLINE!" LOL


I heard that song so much.

yor my bich nawe

funny. its short and sweet i like it keep making