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Extinction Friction - The Penguins

Warning: Contains traces of violence. If blood or gore is too much for you, select the 'Censored' version.
Click the egg to watch the uncensored version.
Because there is a censored version, there is no violence in the rating.

By the way, I am already aware of the incorrectness of this. But just imagine how this would look without what shouldn't be here.

Our pollution is destroying our planet, causing insane weather and disruptive heat. Our poisonous gases are combining in greater strength and killing our endangered penguins, one by one. Our idiotic leaders are sitting on their computer chairs and playing games and saying they'll do things, but all they are really doing is spending money on greenhouse gas.

Extinction Friction is an epic tale which only gets better and better throughout the movie. Behold ladies and gentlemen, as what we continue to do will result in the maniacal death of our Emperor Penguins, Killer Whales, Blue Whales, Snow Petrels and Sea Lions*.

* = They don't play a good role in this film, anyhow.

READ: It is loading, just have patience. It's 6 megs for goodness sake.

21.96 frames per second, so you should have no trouble playing this at full speed.
6 minutes and 23 seconds.
6 months in the making.

Thanks to BrynTehSkits for the icon.



Incorrect but inspirational

I like this, and although it's very inaccurate, it shows that penguins are dying or could be dying because of extreme heat and pollution.


Smexy thats all i can say is this shit was awesome and smexy...

Stojkovski"s best

I think the masterful stylings of stojkovski"s Animations are the best animations around, He has trully captured the interest of everyone who has watched them. The man has such skill that it's just no joke. he will be the one that everyone will want to watch because the vid was SPECKTACULAR. this was a great animation and i look forward to see what he has for us next.

ASP responds:

Oh, Anthony, there you are!

But in all seriousness, please don't talk like a well-paid judge.

It's creepy.

Bloody Great!!

Thanks alot for making that and demonstrating to many people out there the elements of global warming, even without meaning it you still showed the effects of global warming, I know its a mockumentry but still, you demonstrated some great knowledge upon making this.
It was a very funny movie and had me laughing my arse off for hours, even today showing it to my friends telling them what my classmate has done I am still killing myself laughing.
Even though it is a mockumentry it proves its point about global warming, and I beleive that you should make some more videos that express the importance of keeping our environment clean and not killing all the penguins, just make sure its as funny as this one!
I am still going to try to convince you to make nixon, if it takes all year, please, please do it.
If not then I am interested in the new project we have been conversing of yours and would really like you to make it and post it so that everyone can see more of your amazing computer skills, and not just killing penguins.
Still, it is a great masterpiece of flash history and definitly shows the results of global warming, remember to make more of these videos.
Looking forward to your next project.

-You know who I am. (lol jesus)

ASP responds:

First off, how could I know who you are? Everyone at school is calling me Jesus, you're really limiting me. I'd guess Anthony but you don't call me Jesus.

Any who, thanks for replying.

That was great.

You have to show me how you did that special effect with "The End" sometime.
The only thing I can say is that it was a tad too long. Your effects with the moving camera/many objects on seen were phenomenal. It basically was a great movie and I can't make any real comments.


If this gets a useless review I'll have a bigger reason to hate the NG community.

You know who you are.

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ASP responds:

To make sure it doesn't happen, I +'d it.

After I read the first line, I noticed who you are, so it's gonna be easier to tell you the effect:

It's extremely simple, I simply tweened the text and on the end keyframe, I selected 'filter', 'glow', set it to inner glow and increase the blur/strength until it JUST covered everything up. It's best to make the glow color the same as the background color or else it won't work at all.

Thanks plenty, you rock.

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Mar 23, 2008
12:40 AM EDT
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