Golden Globe

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Here is Golden Globe!

There are 3 levels total. The goal is not to die/burn/fall and collect rings and get to the end of the third level.

Every 30 rings you collect gives you an extra life. You can also obtain an extra life by finding the hidden +1 life powerups.

You use the arrow keys to move side to side and you use the up key to jump.

Note: My Preloader may / may-not work. hang in there! :)


First level:
The first level is pretty easy. There are only 2 ways to die. You can fall, and you can fall into the lava pit. The first level is for you to get the hang of things.

Second Level:
The second level takes place underground. There are 3 ways to die. You can die by touching (or getting too near to) spikes, touching the demons, or falling(?!?!). It is alot harder and more time consuming.

Thrid Level:
The thrid level takes place in the ocean, in the sky, and... yes... in space. There is one way to die. It's easy to avoid. You die by touching or getting too close to the giant wall of fire coral.


I hope you enjoy my game! It took a while.


it needs work

you have to make the animation smoother, the lives and rings counter was spazzing out as the screen moved, and the movement of the ball is slow. Other wise it was ok.

Good. Just one thing

You need to make more levels and make the ball go faster. It's a pretty simple game so it's kinda boring but whatever.


There was a point on a platform in the sky where I jumped into the bottom and got stuck, might wanna do a few fixes


On the first level, the screen just turned red for no reason and i lost a life. Also, the animation could use some work... those are the only things that lost you stars.

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2.91 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2008
11:36 PM EDT
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