"Game Stop Is Gay"

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Don't get me wrong, I love Gamestop. I shop there all the time! When I say that Game Stop Is Gay, I'm talking about the clerk. But that's not the only thing that's gay. What I truly hate, as expressed in this video, is how they have a 'reserve quota'..

This one features stop motion, and what not, cuz I received so many complaints about my last movie. This is short and sweet, sorry no preloader! I'm a newb! Don't dis me for that shit. But yeah, it's pretty funny, (In my opinion) and I'm expressing my true feelings at Game Stop. Enjoy!


*If you like the characters in this movie, please check out my other submission.



It's the first time I saw a "video" on NG, and it's not too bad.

I can't quite see how ebonics and a horse fit together that well, but w/e.

I haven't had this really happen to me before, so I guess you got one of the "bad" GameStops.

So true

They hire the queerest in gamestop. Most don't know shit about games. And the ones that do have shit taste.

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its soo true
ive wanted to work there for soo long, but all they hire are nerds an ugly chicks.


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patrick-3005 responds:

haha, thanks man. glad you liked it, check out my other submission if you get a chance.

Good Point

Yeah man game stores suck ass nowadays, they used to be cool and the dudes working there would be actual gamers and they could reccomend you cool shit, now its like hey we only get 5 copies of GTA 4 so you better reserve it! but best buy and frys will have like 6000 so.....yeah fuck gamestop. Actually I take that back, Its a cool store especially for used games, but the higher ups are making all the help do ths stupid shit and not hiring gamers anymore. 9/10 because i agree with this movie

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patrick-3005 responds:

Exactly dude, you hit it right on the head.

Do they really do this?

i havent been to gamestop in a while, they never used to harass customers into buying reserves.... wtf is with that anyway, why would you pay to wait then play something?

if this is what gamestop has stooped to i will be sure to steer clear of their stores.

good concept and love the characters.

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patrick-3005 responds:

haha, to me they've been like this for years, but as the corporate structure has changed in their company, they're out to make even more money, and get even more reserves.. glad you liked it though

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