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The Easter Collab
This is my first collab, and I hope that it stands strong! We all worked hard on this, and I'm giving ginourmous apologies to SHOQ and xxflareknightxx for animating and not being on the co-author list. Also apologies to MarkkyLyne and Mtypenguim for not having some of your animations included. I'm hoping they'll forgive me. The song is Sunflower's Here to Stay by Angels of Light. Please watch before you vote and vote fairly. I'll try my best to respond to all reviews, so make some! I love reading them.

I also suggest that you watch until after the credits. There's an easter egg there.

Buy Jesus Eggs!

UPDATE: Fixed the problem, so the song ends pretty much right when the movie ends.

UPDATE (again): I put the link to the official Easter Collab Tshirt in the menu.



Random and awesome! :D Nice, cartoonish graphics and animations on the most of the parts, but some could have been better.


- GlowingMonkey

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Noxx11 responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it. We're thinking about an Easter Collab '09...

Pretty cool

The animation was great but im going to have to go with BH on this one. It was random but i do love the jesus egg part

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Noxx11 responds:

Jesus eggs! lol, thanks for da review. :P

Jesus Eggs!

Well yeah... Some of those things sucked, and made no sense. But ya pulled through in the end. Jesus Eggs!

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Noxx11 responds:

Woo, thanks for the review, man. Glad to see you finished your account.

not bad

Some are pretty good !
Also sorry for not holding my promise, I was very busy...
Exams and stuff.

Noxx11 responds:

That's fine, I understand. Thanks for the review! :)


i didn't like most of it, the jesus eggs thing at the end was awesome though

Noxx11 responds:

Thanks for the review, the jesus egg short was by Marky Lyne

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4.13 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2008
8:52 PM EDT
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