Riverside Horror

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This is a movie I put together in about 10-15 hours. I just started with my new animation program three months ago, so don't expect much.

This movie includes:
100% original content
Lots of tweens and Frame-by-frame
480x360 resolution
23 Layers
1,180 Frames
No sound =(
No play button (sorry)

Hope you like it!

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Great concept. Add some better sound and animation and we have ourselves a great flash here.

A nice idea

and a funny way to turn the hunter (fisher) into the prey.
I think it's worth of a 5/10 because:

Art: 4/10, it's very simple, the water is a still light blue area, there is no backgrounds, add details.
Animation: 7/10, not a bad job, but there are some glitches (ex: when the fisher gets caught his leg it's ripped apart for a second and then sticks back).
Story: 9/10 a very short tale but a good idea developing.
Music-sound: 0/10, no music (a relaxing one could fit), no sound, this could give a serious boost to your flash.

So you got the hardest thing to find in a flash: good ideas; add some music and work on your graphics and animation skills to give more impact to your work.

Woolybear777 responds:

See people, this is how your criticism should be. *couph couph* ESKIMOJO. Thanks for the usefull pointers. I didn't even think of a backround lol/

Edit: The leg problem was caused by a tween. (obviously) I don't know how i missed it when I proof viewed. Oh well. I just fixed it.

An excellent start

I love it. You have great taste.
I gave 3/5 but I would definitely make it a 5/5 if you made it a little longer with sound.
That would be awesome. Sounds like hard work but it would be great.

I can't stand...

when authors tell their viewers to "be nice." It agitates me, making me more critical. Why have nice when you can have honest? If you're fishing for compliments this isn't the place for it. You expose yourself to countless amounts of strangers, at best you'll get honesty. It's all opinion. My opinion is that you could do better than this. It was drab, and a little sluggish. I think you could build on this and make it really good.

Woolybear777 responds:

Yeah "be nice" bugs me too. My brain was on auto-pilot when i wrote the synopsis, so I just took it out.

Funny and Original

Quite funny and very original, next time, try and put some sound into it.
Hope there's more to come!!

Credits & Info

2.67 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2008
1:10 PM EDT
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