Ovaltine FIEND

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::EDIT::: Front Page...damn straight. Thanks New Grounds.

::EDIT:: Upped the quality of the audio.

Here's the second short to help hype Calamity Street. Spoofing the Ovaltine commercials.

Calamity Street drops early in 2009.

Music and voice acting by the 'With Chili Crew'.


i agree...

... with some of the previous reviewers, a kid pointing a knife at his mum is just sad and the voices were'nt good. the 2 is being generous for o.k animation but that was otherwise trashy and not worthy of the greatness of being on the front page. also i found the concept unoriginal- desperatly wanting something to extremes-please... thats so overused


good concept. but the voice acting was absolutely terrible- completely non expressive. and like others were saying the animation could have been better.

your cartoon characters are good though, i liked the mom. ...but its mostly in the voices.


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a kid with a knife doesnt = funny, no comedic value what so ever, i bet that made like 4 8 year olds laugh, come on. and like the reviewer before me, front place?! whatever, it was like 30 seconds long.

front page?...

This is NOT front page material, and it wasn't funny at all. I don't know why this was even given 3.65/5.00 (last seen score) because that's still too good, I gave you a 2/5 because the animation was so-so but then again it wasn't any different between scenes, the voices were crappy, but I know it's hard to get a decent microphone, and last WAY to short! you only got 3/10 in rating because lets face it you had no intention of this getting front page or even worked on it for that long, plus this isn't original, just another parody of a crappy drink . So, the next time you submit, submit something GOOD. X_x |31i|\|dj0y

it was good

i liked it not sure y ppl are giving u 2's o.0

keep up the good work mate. one thing i would change is the sound isnt the best. but thats not a bigy. just get a beta mic or sumthing lol.

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stakato responds:

Thank you.

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3.74 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2008
10:02 PM EDT
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