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Numeric Maze

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This game is a numeric keypad training game. Num Lock has to be active before you start. You have to find your way to the maze's exit by pressing the right numbers. The game consist of five different mazes that are created randomly. The game gets harder for each level.
The goal is to get to the exit as quick as possible with the least amount of keypresses. Every wrong keypress is counted as 3 keypresses. You have 60 seconds and 100 keypresses every level. At the end of the 5. maze your score will be sent to the highscore. Improve your results and become the numpad master.

Remember to try to not look at the keyboard and that practice makes the master.

Game Instructions:
Use the numeric keypad to get to the exit. Type in the number of a neighbouring square to move there.

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Well this is a nice fun and moat of all an interesting game you have created here i like the maze style and the numeric stule was kind of fun too here is another game that could use some medal bonuses anyways nice job

Entertaing games adding some medals or bonus options would be a plus



This is quite a different idea, navigating through a maze by pressing numbers instead of actually moving. At first I thought it be the regular WASD layout on the numpad, but as it turns out it's a completely differene mthod of movement, and it's quite difficult! Took a while to get a grasp of, and it'll surely take a lot of playing to perfect. The game layout is simple and clear, and the score equation is a nice addition, adding some mathetmatics to the results. it's both a puzzle and just a skill game, and it was fun! Keep it going!




super original!

by the way

Heximus, hahah "I've never seen such a thing"

that wording etc. is funny. ehhehe

Original but boring

The game was fun and original however it lacked anything brilliant. It was rather dreary, and got boring rather fast, without much difficult in the mazes and a clear route it was dependent on how far you could tap the numpad, it was ok but not great.

Great game

Innovative and original. Perfect ten!

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2008
8:23 PM EDT