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Emporia RPG - Alpha V1.0

rated 2.95 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Mar 20, 2008 | 9:48 AM EDT

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Author Comments

26th November 2012 @ 16:49.
UPDATE!!! - Not 100% Guaranteeing this however I'm going to work on a remake of this game! It will include more playable content :) so stay tuned! However I can't promise I will stay dedicated so just check it out and see how it goes. If there's the audience there for it and I can find the help / information to do what I need then I will keep going with the game! :) So yeah! Stay tuned! Will upload something as soon as I've got a half-playable Alpha again! - Starting from scratch with graphics etc, same style but will be improved greatly!

NEW RELEASE!!! Alpha 1.1

*Can't see all the game?*

Set your screen to 1024 x 768, then click on "pop up" underneath Play this game. Or press F11 to open up the screen.

Any problems with loading? Try reloading it, refresh or close the window and reopen, couldnt get a working preloader. Even the newgrounds ones didnt work for me.

Bugs: Text may disapear, reload it please, not sure why this happens!

NEW!!! - Cellar been added, quite a few outside screens, a rock? ooo what does it do, be warned, you may need to be level 23+ with 90def, 200hp and 100+ str :) Ive also added a MAP screen, so its easier to navigate! :)

NEW:- Keys 1 - 6 will activate Health Potions
NEW:- "S" will open up Stats Screen, "M" will open up the Map, and "Tab" will open up the ingame menu.
Arrow keys to move.
Space or left mouse button to toggle things in game, buttons, potions etc... use left mouse button!
Somethings have popup info when you hover your mouse over them.
Thats about it I think...

Things in game:

Ok, not going to list everything, just look around everywhere, clicking and exploring to find stuff.
You got your house, consists of 2 floors, and a cellar. U can do a little bit of leveling here before venturing into the big world. As above, ive added an outside, cant do much here yet cause it aint finished... on next release, the Tavern will be available (currently working on it). Be carful of the "Rock" :)

HUD - Top:-
Health - This is your life Current / Max.... (50/50)
TNL - To next level, this is how much EXP (Experience) you need to get to the next level!
Gold - This is your currency, you use it to buy things!

HUD - Bottom Right:-
Health potions - Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge, SuperLarge, Superelite... Click it, it heals you! (Note, your health won't go above your max, so anything left over, is wasted!
Menu Button - Opens up ingame menu
Map Button - Don't work yet
Stats Button - Opens up your Statistics Page

Statistics Page:
* A lovely picture of your character :)
* Level - This is what level u are.
* TNL - As explained earlier.
* Gold - As explained earlier.
* Health - As explained earlier.
* Strength - This is your power to open / hurt things
* Armour - This is your protection against things that hurt you (apart from the fireplace, this will always hurt you, and things similar that might be added at a later date)
* Points - When you level, you get 5 of them to spend on either Health, Strength or Armour.
(1 point gives either 5 health, 3 strength, or 2 armour) - Depends what u click it on, use buttons right of stats & numbers to use your points!
* Wood, Stone, Metal, GemStone, Diamond, Krakenite - These are all materials in the game, can be sold for money, used for quests / buying special items.
* Co-Ords, this is your current position on screen (Just a gimic, doesnt do anything)

Sorry but i gave up with this project, I may finish it in the future not 100pct sure. But enjoy the very limted demo as this took me alot of hours to make.

If anyone is good with flash and wishes to continue this project, please let me know and i may let u have the files!

I think thats about it really. Enjoy the game :)





Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ew why do you have a pig in your basement, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

weird game

all the roads are under construction the rock monster is hard..what do i do in this game?

mikeyb2k7 responds:

Lol wierd, hehe thanks.

The game was never finished as I couldn't get the action script for everything I needed to do, it was way to time consuming, believe it or not this took me 2-3 months as everything was self-taught.

The rock monster you need to be around level 23 i think, it was a test monster and is unkillable unless you want to spend weeks hitting the punching bag or the mirror / healing on the barrel kegs.

Don't think i'll ever complete this, if I was to put any effort into anything again it would be to complete my 2d MMORPG I was working on. Sorry - Games semi-playable to kill some time I guess. :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I agree with the last guy.

Ok this games ok but it kinda got a little boring. Anyways i wanted to know if you are working on anything else because i really like your work.

mikeyb2k7 responds:

Yeah games very limited at the moment, Im not finishing this, but if u read my feedback below. Im working on a new RPG based on Emporia =) hope to see you soon :) enjoy


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good...could use some more things.

I thought this was very good, but it could use some things if you make a new version or finish this one.
I also thought the graphics were very, very good!
You, sir, deserve a reward for giving this game such nice graphics.

My suggestions:
-Auto attacks

-Magic - and don't make the magic require MP like all the others - make it so thata bar that will appear when you cast it, perhaps? When you cast the spell, the bar will drain fully. Then it will recover quickly, say in about 2 seconds?

-Weapons - You will hold it in your hand and they add a certain amount of strength as long as your holding it.

-Ranged weapons (E.G: bows and crossbows)

-Armour - They will change your characters appearance in certain locations

(E.G wearing an "Iron platebody" will take up a space in of the stat screen that shows what equipment your wearing, and it will change your characters shirt to a bulky, grey, long sleeved shirt).

-Character customization - You choose your pants, shirt, and hair style and clour in a certain place and when you play for the first time.

-Online play - A mode where you can play online with other people such as battling others in special places, chatting, and battling with each other. Ask a master flash-game-maker how to make games online. I don't expect this update to come any time under 3 months.

-Playing modes - Online play, like I explained above, and story mode. Story mode will have a plot, characters and a setting.

+Those are my suggestions. Their quite alot, I hope they all count as help though.

Their is one big flaw, though. But since it's unfinished, I'm only going to bring this down 1 star.


Keep up the good work!

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mikeyb2k7 responds:

Hey! thanks for the great feedback, really appreciated. I did however give up with this game as it was way to time consuming.

And I done the graphics in adobe ps, altho they look good, its hard to replicate the same style and I found that the style was changing the more I done. On my new flash im going to start today, I'm going to draw them in vector and ensure I dont make the same mistake again. Hence they will be alot easier to edit etc...

I have thought about making equippable items, but unfortunately I never worked out a way to actually do this, however I have an idea which may work... Will probably take weeks to implement into a fully working game, but it should work!
If you have any flash knowledge, please let me know as I'm going to remake emporia, same kind of concept, just alot different! Hopefully ill stay focused long enough to finish it! If i had help, it would be awesome!

Ranged weapons arent a problem, I can do these pretty easy, as my first attempt at an RPG contained a crossbow as it was easier to do than a sword.

The one problem I came upon was the battle system. I dont want a turn based one, I want a "Real Time" system... I need to somehow program the AI to auto home-in on the player and attack. But I have no idea, i've tried sourcing the info from the internet but can't find anything out there without paying alot of money. I did this game pretty much from scratch, using tutorials from all over to find out what i wanted to do, other things, like the actual leveling system, I used my current knowledge and created this from scratch. Using a "Hit and Miss" method. Do it, test it, if it dont work, try again..

As for Online Play, This is my ultimate dream, to create a MMORPG. However when I looked into this previously, I was made aware that flash is not fast enough for real time multiplayer. I would have to learn java or some other form of programming.

Anyways this is a project that will never be finished! However I'm planning the NEW Emporia from today! The graphics will be simple and plain to start, once the actual game is there... I will spice up the graphics to standards as good as, if not better than this rpg.

Please, if ANYONE out there has Flash Knowledge, or even graphic abilities, please contact me ASAP as I need some people to help me on my new rpg, whether it be ideas, bug finding, beta testing, graphic designing or flash coding... The rewards will be great as my final plan is to create a well-playable demo to intise people. After this I will work on a FULL GAME... With over 100-200 hours game play.. This I hope I will be able to charge for, so anyone who helps me with this new flash rpg, will be rewarded with a percentage of the profits. Even if it never gets to that stage, you will be in the credits and will gain experiences within flash, you will learn new things all the time as I found when i set myself on the very first flash tasks...

So please, anyone and everyone, I need your help!! Look out for the new Emporia (Not sure if the name will be changed... But it will be based on Emporia, just search my name in a few weeks and I should have a basic game up here... Look forward to seeing new and old players to test my game. An official site will follow, so keep checking back. Thanks & Enjoy! MikeyB's back bigger and better =)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Damn, thats some nice stuff.

Awesome graphics (for a flash) and a great concept, some music would be nice though, and maybe some sound effects? Just wish I didn't do all that work to open the chest just to instantly die from a rock guy in a garden.

Anyways, its a large step up from your Diablo flash, and I wish you good luck!

mikeyb2k7 responds:

Thanks! :) Unfortunately again like the Diablo Flash i doubt ill ever finish it, sorry for an dissapointment. But these games are time consuming and very confusing, and I can't do a proper battle system which is irritating... I may complete it 1 day... Not sure when lol! The rock golem was setup as a test monster,... So its pretty strong, i think u needed to be like lev 23 or sumit, which was virtually impossible through the leveling methods... I may work on it sometime in the future, until then goodluck and goodbye.. - PLEASE NOTE: You can save the game by going back to the house and going to the bed :)