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Super Energy Apocalypse

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This is a game that tries to answer the question: why do educational games suck so bad?

The answer: they teach stupid stuff, and don't have ZOMBIES.

This game is an RTS about sustainable energy use and blowing the crap out of zombies.

You've got to build a new society from the ruins. Your choices matter. Fossil fuels are awesome, but make lots of smog, which makes the zombies stronger. Corn-based Ethanol fuel will spare your oil reserves, but eat up all your food. And you have to balance between splitting your metal reserves to build buildings and trucks and saving some for bullets for your turrets and guns.

There's two modes: sandbox, which is open-ended - just survive against the zombies and last as long as you can, and campaign, which introduces you to all the games' features.

This game is constantly being updated, so let me know about bugs and/or feature requests!

Also, this game was a competition entry and part of the competition requirement was that I enable mochiads, so I'm sorry if that bugs anyone, I'm disqualified if I take it out so I don't really have a choice.

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Hands down one of the best strategy games on NG.

Another game thts great

but no1s really seen it great agme man

the sandbox mode can be better

the campain mode is hard, but good

there are some problems with the sandbox mode:
-one of the turret type is not useble (flametrower or somthing)
-there are no difficulty levels

Needs Difficulty Levels

Well, it's too hard for me. What I mean is that I want to go through and experience what everything does. So, here's my suggestion:

Put in difficulty levels.

Easy could be a few seconds for night and several minutes at day. So on and So forth.

This will make the game more enjoyable.

Oh, and one more thing, what happened to fusion power?

Very nice but needs polishing

I really liked the game, but i encountered a few problems that made it impossible to finish it:
- "continue campaign" (lev 10 )dropped you to blank field.I cannot continue :(
- when your gabarage reaches critical levels, flashing squares showing you the critical places slow the game down to the point of being unplayable.
- Trucks cannot be disabled :((
And my ballance ideas:
maybe a trucks could use a bit less electricity? Or geotermal poowerplant could produce a bit more? In level 10 you must switch them to electricity because you don't have oil. Unfortunatly i was unnable to produce enough electricity for 4 trucks with 10 powerplants.And since you cannot disable them you are toast...

LarsiusPrime responds:

I have updated the game with (most) of the bugfixes people have been asking for. Let me know if this makes the game better! I will eventually fix everything but this will take a while.