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mario murder

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This is actually "simple mario loop 3.0" because it started out as a loop with no audio, where in the first scene, mario went through the pipes in a circle while the goomba fell down in a loop. in 2.0 i did nothing but add some audio - wtw thans stage3-1 for mario 2 - overworld - and that's the touch that made NG love it. u may think wtf when i say this but this took me 2 months in whole (1.0-3.0) & it's my first flash. if u like it refer it to the sprites collection (Video Game Parodies). vote 5!

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all i have to say

it's pretty good for a beginner
needs a good story and animation
Also i want to see your next Movie
because I want to see what happens lol

Well, this is simply the first movie.

Good movie, your next movie will be better, I expexct.
I want to see your next movie. :)

zagfrog responds:

thx 4 the review, i'll PM u about tha surprise twist


well it could be worse for your first, but all in all it was pretty good, oh and sonic getting killed by mario could never happen (my opinion though)

zagfrog responds:

at the end i'm gonna throw in a twist. i'll PM u so u can tell me wat u think.

A few things

1. Newgrounds really isn't the place to go for your first flash, you'll usually just be flamed and insulted for it. Please try to work on your skills a bit more before submitting another video.
2. Like i previously posted, you can't hide behind 'it was my first flash' . not many people will care.
3. Try to use more sprites, im not really a sprite animator myself but i have animated with them. Make it so that mario actually stands instead of jogging in place. Make sonic jump instead of run in the air. It really takes away from the whole movie if you just have them in a run loop the whole time.
4. Use correct punctuation and spelling when having your characters say something. It just makes it look much more professional.

There were a few other things, but those were the main points I wanted to get across. Other then that though, good job and I hope to see more from you .

zagfrog responds:

thx 4 the advice, i'm trying to work out those kinks right now

in all seriousness

this took you 2 months??? it has no plot, and like 30 words in it. seriously this is just bad :/