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i've been working on and off on this flash for the last month. I'm very proud of what it came out as. It's my first real flash involving frame-by-frame animation, so feel free to give up some tips. You guys are so awesome!

Speaking of Awesome, I have my own Awesome-tribute flash coming soon based on Crackdown, along with some short clips. Thank you everyone for your support!

Some parts may be slightly choppy on older computers, for that I'm sorry. But, it's not too bad.

Okay, so! Lemme have dat good feedback!


Not Bad!!!

It looked good, a little random with the bear but funny. I go to say though, I wasn't a fan of the sound/music. Be careful about the awesome spin-off there's so goddamn many of them

KimKilledPacho responds:

That's fine if you didn't like the music. Not everyone would. Plus, it is a little "rough draft" if you know what I mean. I'm not exactly a master recording artist. And I know how you feel about the Awesome spin off, that's why I'm gonna do my best to get close to Ecoraptor's style so that I differentiate myself from the rest of the crap.

keep going

I like it.....the music is very nice a give you a 8 for it.....the story is nice...good job.. keep going

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KimKilledPacho responds:

Then head to my music page and review it with an 8. I'll take it.

love you!


KimKilledPacho responds:

So are you.


I like it, flash commercial, good animation, humorous, and i LOVE mountain dew, thanks for the hard work! :]

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KimKilledPacho responds:

And thank YOu for the feedback. I figure I'll clean things up in future animations. I was a little weird about posting an "ad" if you will, but it was a lot of hard work so I figured "Why not?".


I love the bear, and the dew. Nice work.

KimKilledPacho responds:

All bears deserve to be punched. And Dew deserves to be dove into. Thanks man!

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3.64 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2008
4:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Original