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Strategy Defense 5

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Author Comments

In this game there are 6 castles and 18 levels. The main objective of this game is to destroy one of the ENEMY CASTLES and protect all of YOUR CASTLES. At first the castles have 1,000 life and this will be increase by 2,500 life every level.

Press 1, 2, or 3 on the keyboard to switch the start positions of
soldiers. Press SPACE BAR or "P" to pause and show the options menu.

At times you can only attack, if all of your soldiers have died, the enemy will be coming and you must built a tower defense to defend your castle. To create soldiers click the icon for the type of soldier you would like to create. There is a 1 in 10 chance you will be given a White Soldier, so the more soldiers you create the higher chance you will have of getting a White Soldier.

You win if one of the enemy castles is destroyed. You lose if one of your castles is destroyed. After you destroy the enemy castle, you will enter the next level with a new map. There are 18 maps in this game. Watch out, the higher the level the harder the enemy. Save up your gold from the lower levels (more than 5000 gold), so you can use more gold in the higher levels. The gold is helpful when attacking harder enemies and with wining the game. Also don't forget to save this game often and reload if you lose a battle.

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Can be made a bit better, but good for version 5!

how about something like:
- Maximum of ~20 units at a time for lowbie PCs (like mine -.-)
- bit better music (actually, i like it, but it sounds a bit to much like 8-bit music)
- Computer AI: should use its ultimate based on whether it is needed (my basic strategy was to send like 15 lowbie units out and wait for the AI to fire its ultimate, then spam high units)
- Graphics: actually, u can see the graphics were originally surrounded by a black frame, which now was particially removed, possibly due to lowering the bitmap size. either add new frames or completely remove them, or redo the graphics, otherwise these look kind of incomplete

Actually, the enemy AI as well as me keep fighting on one lane, I am doing this mainly in order to attack a castle which has already suffered from my first attack and so has less health remaining. Add repair / upgrade features for the castles which upgrade its health / armor!

Good adds: i Like the idea of sea / air battles, and i like the idea of alternating routes for the enemies. Next up would be some kind of tower defense with attackable obstackles! Keep up the good work!

Not the best

Definately not my favorite (the 4th one). This one was way too easy. I didn't have to use anything past the swordsmen for the whole game. You can basically kill any amount of troops with as many turrets as you can have. Sometimes I don't mind games being easy, but this one isn't one of them.


nicely done!

good game but very esily reptitive
@TurtuleKirby101: i dont see why he desereves a zero just because he didnt listen to you who do u think you are? O.O

looks like you didn't listen...

...so I'll say it again. To hell with the switching system. Just make it 1V1. And make the Ai actually have a limited budget like the players, and don't let it instantly pepper the paths with masses of towers.

very very good!

i love this game favorite!!!

Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2008
8:37 AM EDT