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NOTE: If you have a slightly outdated PC, this may run slow on your computer. This will mean bullets will travel slower and enemies will come at a slower pace. Keep in mind the game isn't intended to be played slowly, and it is not my fault if it does on your computer, thanks :)

Fire at incoming coloured shapes with bullets that match your target. The controls are QWEASDZXC, and that might sound like alot at first but you'll figure it out in no time flat. Just experiment once you get ingame. Have fun!


-There is a 'weapon' guide in the top left hand corner of the screen
-Try and beat all 9 levels!
-Try to memorize the controls, you will become much more efficient
-Now 100% glitch free!
-Can you beat a score 300,000?

Thankyou MoFunZone.com for sponsorship!

Reviews welcome!


It's... ok

Could use some work
I found the background somewhat dizzying
A bit too easy...
The music also died towards the end of the game...

Too easy

Promising concept, and nice smooth gameplay for a while, but then it becomes obvious that the game is just too easy and it isn't going to get any harder. So after a few levels I just wished to die already, but if it were harder it would force me to fight for survival and it would make me actually want to play the game to the end, so increase in difficulty would be in place. Now I guess setting difficulty to proper value would be hard since I believe certain percentage of people would consider this game to be hard enough as it is, but some sort of smart difficulty determing mechanism could be introduced (based on average life length of colored shapes before player shoots them for example)

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HarraH responds:

Perhaps you are just to good, because it seems others believe the game is too hard. But I do agree with you that a scaled difficulty system was missing from GeoVector.

Score: 463592, Beaten this one...

Reached level 9 & beaten it.

Easy, for me since I was using a laptop mouse.. The game is really laggy however even with the quality set to low.. Mostly cause of the colorful star field in the background.. During lag my shot sometime went through the target resulting 1 of my 4 lives lost, the only life i lost actually.. So thats 99.9% Glitch free..

I still thought it was ok..

HarraH responds:

Thanks for the review.

Actually, the cause of the lag is a bug in the script. If I make a sequel, I'll be sure to fix this issue.

Really fun

It has a nice level of difficulty and it is very colorful and attractive. It's really hard on a laptop.

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HarraH responds:

Thanks for the cool review!


good game but very easy and repetetive

HarraH responds:

A good game worth 2/10? Hehe...

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Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2008
1:22 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed