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Here it is my homework! Seriously! The basic assignment was do 15 second short all traditional animation so I decided to do it in flash. It's short I know but 15 seconds was the maximum cause in the real world you have time limits on animation and ya can't go over them or ya get fired or whatnots so please don't tell me it's too short


Anyway it's a guy venting to some girl who's like WTF.

Anyway I try to submit some longer work next time.

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This was short but entertaining and very well done. Keep up the good work!

Breath of fresh air...

I just think it's wonderful to see a flash animation on this site with some artistic merit... Not just another "LOOK AT MY FUNNY FLASH ANIMATION I MADE THIS AFTERNOON WHILE EATING A PB&J SANDWICH!"

Thanks for this! I wish it was longer, sure, but I'm sure this took quite a while... can't wait to see what's next!

This is amazing

The animation of this flash was incredible! But I wished this had a storyline...Make a longer one PLEASE


the people say blablabla than out of no were thanks for having this talk lol really random all good quality so i like it

Nice graphs

Actaully, it's drawn pretty freaking good you know. The movie is quite short, which is a shame with such nive graphs. BUT, with this joke, it's just long enough. Longer would just make it less. And this is quite funny in a way. I suggest to keep on making.