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Steak Knife

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Author Comments

In a highschool Video Production class filled with multimedia students and semi-famous actors, one group of students decide to give birth to the greatest show ever. Some like to call it "Sex for the Eyes and Ears; we like to call it, "Steak Knife".

Join our class as we make you laugh and cry at our below-the-belt back-handed comedy and our twisted dry humor. If you like it, be sure to check out this and many other episodes in iPod video quality at http://www.kellvideo.com there you can also sign up for the podcast and receive each episode as they are released.

All songs used in this video are the sole ownership of the authors and recording companies within their copyrights. We are not affiliated with Kell High School, we just go there. Copyright 2008 Kell High School Video Production advanced class.

Finally, I uploaded this because I want people to see our beautiful work. Why don't I use youtube or another VIDEO site? Well, I don't like them. I like you guys, and I feel that you guys deserve to have the exclusive opportunity to view our show. Until now, our show has never been available for anyone outside of our school, and that changes now. And in case you wanted to know, one of the hosts has been in movies, is a great actor, and I am glad he is working with us. Props to Lucas Till, the kid who got cut in half in Walk the Line.


I hate that this got passed judgement

I was one of the people who gave this a zero during judgement, I don't think little home movies have any part in newgrounds, if you want to put this on the internet, go to Youtube.

hetecro responds:

I think that you are quite wrong. But I will defend myself, unlike yourself and many other reviewers, I don't just say something without supporting/ explaining it. And please note that I am not angry when/if you read this.

1. Newgrounds' slogan isn't "Cartoons By Everyone" is it? No, It is "Everything By Everyone". This falls under the "Everything" category. One thing people have to realize is that Flash is just another multimedia medium, not just for cartoons, but for all animations, and this is actually a frame by frame animation, it just isn't stop motion. To limit yourself to one form of entertainment is like the priests who killed brilliant scientists because they thought that their knowledge was witchcraft.

2. Youtube sucks; I like newgrounds and the people on it better. Because (except for those few moments like these) the reviews are much more helpful than hurtful and it's not like a bunch of third graders. "STFU, you suk; ur moms a penis, etc."

3. One of Newgrounds most famous and highly rated submissions, which is known worldwide, was the Numa Numa video. Which (by the way) was not an animation or a professionally produced cartoon. It was a home movie.

In conclusion: you hate that I, an 18 year old with no ability to animate, was able to submit something that passed judgment. I hate that people are too closed minded to enjoy things that are outside of their little boxes. And I hate that this site is overrun with middle-schoolers, but that doesn't have to do with this.


no. the funniest part was the intro. no doubt about it. atleast you guys had fun making the film... i just didn't enjoy watching it. besides, you guys look like a bunch of crack heads on... oh say... EVERYTHING! CBHS footbal rules!!!

hetecro responds:

What does CBHS football ruling have to do with our video?

By the way, I love FLCL, I started watching it when I was in eighth grade, which, despite what some people might think, was actually quite some time ago. (If six years accounts for a while ago.) Just in case you knew where that icon comes from.


this was pretty funny, but i really think this belongs on somewhere like youtube of myspace tv, or at least add some animation that goes along with it
cuz really the only cartoon in it was the Steak Knife symbol at the end
good video, i thought it was hilarious when the guy in the bullsuit dropped that one guy in the trashcan
reminds of the stupid shit me and my friends do XD

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hetecro responds:

Remember flash isn't JUST about "cartoons", it is about multimedia. What? At the end? that was only the intro.

Intresting, but i have no patience...

UMM okay, I watched about two minuites of it.....
Then i got boered of u guys talking.

Next time:)


It was okay, ill give it that. It kept my attention for most of the duration but I kinda think that this is something more for youtube than newgrounds. Whatever.

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Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2008
8:41 PM EDT
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