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Ragnarok Online D.P. Ep.2

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Greetings! it sure has been a long time since my last submission.
I had some (a lot) problems when making this, including a evil virus which virtually killed about 90% of the fla.s stored on my computer D:

But since I'm a godly being, I recovered this .fla and some other from it's claws of death (actually I just managed to save them in a external hard drive before the computer died on me).

Oh well, here it is, the sequel of the Ragnarok Onlide Destined Path series, I hope you like (love) it :D

Let's celebrate, since this is the first sequel I have ever managed to finish! oh yeah >:3

Well I will hold you no more, enjoy and hope to see you soon :D

P.S. you asking me about XM2 won't bring it sooner, just saying >:(

P.S.2. I like reviews >:0


Love it, though...

The audio voices are great, but they always cut each other off
Also the combat was AMAZING
what song is it playing during that?

Pretty neat

Need some better female voice actors the male voices seemed 10x more serious than compared to the females in this, which made it kind of annoying.

Ninja Battles

I must say I`m impresed, but then again the voice acting was pretty weak. Anyway keep up the good work and try to make it less Naruto like kay ^^

Me gusto mucho tu flash xd, pero

Bueno, primero que todo, felicitarte, acabo de ver XM 1.5 y me gusto mucho como iba la historia, aparte de tu gran mejora en tu estilo y animacion. Segundo, volviendo al tema, el flash en si estubo bien, algunas partes mejores que otras, pero no me gustaron varias cosas:

1- los VA, intenta conseguir mejores, el unico realmente convincente era el Assa Cross que realmente parecia profesional, me gusto caleta su voz.

2-la musica de fondo, onda, intenta pensar en temas mas instrumentales sin letra, ya que en la batalla del assa contra el assa cross el momento se arruino totalmente con la cancion de rhapsody.

3- El dialogo. Nose porque pero a veces me parecia que muchas cosas estaban demas, por ejemplo, la conversacion sobre la inmunidad al veneno del assa, o la "broma" que el mage le hace a la priest. Intenta apegarte a la historia que quieres mostrar para mantener la atencion del que ve el flash y que no se aburra en ningun momento.

PD: Perdon si no me exprese bien en alguna idea, pero ya son las 3 am y me da lata revisar lo que escribi D:

PD2: saludos desde chile xd

4/5 8/10


So you added Chrono Cross music; that's a plus. Also, the concept and action was WAY better than the previous on. I know I may have wrote a negative review on the last one, but this one is definatly better. I watched it until the end, and the only thing that bothered me was the "one eye" thing, however I doubt it was mean't to be emo. Good job.

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4.31 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2008
3:33 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place March 19, 2008