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BioLabs: Outbreak!

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BioLabs: Outbreak! The outbreak is bad and it must be stopped! Trap the outbreak by dispensing antidote cells to confine their movement,they will flail around and use all their energy until they become husks of their former selves.

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I can't get the swing of it. Now I know what Goku must feel like trying to make a hit with the spirit bomb XD


got to level 40 sumtin the other day, once that high its still pretty easy but still addictive, came back today to see I had to start from level 1 again, so a chance to save might be nice.

Addictive but needs some diversity

the games great but every level is pretty much the same thing but slightly harder. it'd be cool to add some powerups or new boards or something.

Could use more depth

-At first I wasn't sure I was going to like this because each level seemed to be pretty much identical to the last but only with a few more virus pieces. However, when I hit around level 26, I found that it was really pretty addictive and challenging! I really like the graphics you did for the antidote drops especially when they get really big.

-I could totally see this game being expanded to add different kinds of powerups and different virus pieces. Heck, even making the board bigger or adding maze pieces in it would add some neat flavor. Have you thought about adding a timer for each level as well? That way it gets more challenging even if you're being very careful with how you administer the antidote. Overall it's a good game but it lacks depth.

Could be better

It needs different types of enemies at the very least.