ComiX Episode One!

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*Edit; wahay! Thank you so much for the daily fourth place guys! Newgrounds, everyone who watched this and voted in nicely, you're awesome!*

Hi everyone! Finally, ComiX episode one is officially finished! Overall this took 2 months ti create (well,with gaps, so it should really be 3 weeks).In this episode, Gordon and Ian get a visit from a detective, who is searching the vacinity for illegal activity. what's in stall for Gordon and Ian? Watch the episode to find out!

Also includes three bonus animations at the end! AAND, a special guest appears in this cartoon... someone you may actually know who you love and cherish... BLOCKHEAD! Hope you enjoy!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o



i think the topic sums it up. SOLID!

diamond-armada responds:

tempted to say SNAKE! lol anyway, glad ya liked it :D (need tot hink of some other way of responding besudes glad yu liked it, I keep using it xP)


This was so funny! I loved it! Good work. And did you like ask The_Swain to do those voices for Blockhead and Fat Man(I call him that)?

diamond-armada responds:

lol glad yu liked it :D and ye I did ask The-Swain for those voices :P took a bit of time to retrieve them though, but in the end, twas worthit :F


tear* i loved it, it was great, all though i did find some problems in the animation but im no expert so il shut up now :D i also LOVE BLOCKHEAD hes my favorite weavel

ciao you guys and swain

diamond-armada responds:

lol glad you liked it :P I love it when people get what they want :P and thats exactly what I've done in this :D

anyway, glad you all take interest in this cartoon :P

great! but....

the only problem that there was was that it was too jumpy like, it didnt stay on the plot very long
kinda like family guy

diamond-armada responds:

meh there are a few things that could be practiced on in terms of animating. Ill make sure I can get the animation less jumpy. I think the reason why it was jumpy was because of the effects used in it. well with the effects I think it looks better, but I'll add a quality bar, so you can choose the quality from there. for now though, just right click on the flash and go down to quality, then go down to low or medium :S

In any case, glad ya liked it :P

Great start!

i actually really enjoyed this. i could really see this becoming a series. i like it a lot, its really good. i laughed a lot throughout it. i especially loved the guest appearance of Michael Swain's Blockhead!

Keep up the good work.

diamond-armada responds:

Im really glad ya like it :) ye I'm glad I got block head into ComiX, it boosted up the score in a way :P

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Mar 17, 2008
3:58 PM EDT
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